Obama’s choice to oversee the Afghan opium fields, General Petraeus, is a one-world CFR and Bilderberg attendee!

From: Infowars

Obama Fires McChrystal, Selects Petraeus to Oversee Forever War in Afghanistan

Kurt Nimmo
June 23, 2010

Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal today and replaced him with the globalist General David Petraeus. Obama said McChrystal’s actions undermined civilian control of the military and asked the Senate to confirm Petraeus immediately.

The new overseer of the opium fields in Afghanistan attended the Bildberger confab held in Spain this year and also attended the secretive meeting in Greece last year.

Since Petraeus is a seasoned establishment insider, his appointment is a natural. He is a member of the one-world CFR. The CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, listed Petraeus as number eight on its list of “Top 100 Global Thinkers.”

In April Petraeus’ name was floated as a possible presidential candidate. “Neocon warmongers love Petraeus. The American Enterprise Institute — one of a handful of neocon think tanks behind the push to invade Iraq and kill a million plus Iraqis — bestowed its 2010 Irving Kristol Award on Petraeus. The late Kristol is considered to be the godfather of the neocon movement,” we wrote at the time.

“He’s a serious guy,” declared the “hawk” (neocon) Rep. Pete King in October. “He’s about the only one out there who could really challenge Obama, who isn’t as strong as he was a few months ago… I think he’s an independent, and I haven’t talked to him about this, but I’d encourage him… I’d be open to it.”

Democrat Peter Beinart of the Council on Foreign Relations has compared Petraeus to Eisenhower, the last general president (who incidentally warned about the influence of the military-industrial complex). The GOP, argues Beinart, will “need someone with enough personal appeal to avoid the culture war food-fights that obsess the Republican base, someone who exudes moral traditionalism and fiscal prudence without appearing fanatical or intolerant.”

In other words, somebody who is not associated with the Tea Party and other political threats to the establishment.

Petraeus’ party affiliation is a mystery but he has been courted by both parties as a modern-day Eisenhower, the San Francisco Chronicle claims. Both Republicans and Democrats love the General.

Not that party matters — when it comes to forever war both sides of globalist one party system agree it is imperative the Pentagon attack small countries and slaughter grade school children, grandmothers, and wedding party members. Afghanistan’s opium is a prize that must be retained and controlled.

Petraeus’ presidential aspiration was put into serious jeopardy after he “fainted” during a Senate hearing on the war on Afghanistan a few days ago. It is speculated that he actually had a seizure.

Petraeus was instrumental in the illegal invasion of Iraq. He assumed command of USCENTCOM and was responsible for U.S. operations in 20 countries from Egypt to Pakistan, including Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He has thrown his support behind Obama’s “Afghanistan strategy,” that is to say endless war against an enemy created by the CIA and an ever-increasing body count of innocent civilians.

In short, he is perfect for the forever war in Afghanistan.

No sooner was Petraeus selected than John McCain said he will pressure him to abandon Obama’s “arbitrary” July 2011 withdrawal date and instead base troop drawdown on the current conditions in Afghanistan.

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