Katherine Albrecht: Wal-Mart To Put Electronic ID Tags In Clothing | Grant Jeffrey: How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Democracy and your Freedom

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Mon., July 26, 2010

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Walmart // RFID Clothing Tags // NCR //

In violation of a mandate of over 40 world-wide privacy and civil liberties groups, Walmart has rolled Individual tracking EPC tags on men’s jeans and underwear as part of the “Internet of Things”.  NCR is Walmart’s technology partner in this and has emphasized a function locality matrix that will monitor the RFID tags in a host of locations for a variety of functions.  People tracking is to be used in all locations.  Thanks for all the emails – only time for the one from Phyllis today – the rest will be read tomorrow.

Wal-Mart Radio Tags to Track Clothing

Spychips (order form)

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Grant Jeffrey // Shadow Government // Verichip //

A fascinating and troubling conversation ensues withGrant Jeffery, Chairman of the Frontier Research Publications about the new DVD documentary “Shadow Government: How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Democracy and your Freedom.”  We are the consumers and such technology will not be implemented if we vote with our dollars and feet.  Verichip is not longer selling implantable chips after it was linked to cancer.  Boycotts against the use of RFID by Tesco and Benetton have suceeded.

“Shadow Government” (order form)

“Shadow Government” via Endtime Ministries

Boycott Tesco

Boycott Benetton


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