Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“That is the only way it’s going to work…
if people in a community join together
during this kind of a catastrophe.”

– George Noory

* * *

“It’s very likely that we’re going to be hit with a solar blast,
which is basically an eruption that comes from the sun and hits the Earth
that will knock out some or all of our electrical power grids
and deprive us of electricity for months or years.

This is according to the National Academy of Sciences,”
major report published in December, 2008,
cosponsored by NASA.

It’s been taken so seriously that the United States House of Representatives
voted unanimously to take measures to protect our power grids
against such a blast.
Unfortunately, the Senate scuttled the legislation entirely.”

* * *

No electricity;
no water;
no sewer;
no heat …
for many months!

* * *

“The closer you are to the poles the likelier you are to be devastated,
because the Earth’s magnetic field is weakest at its poles.”

– Lawrence Joseph

Starts at 14 minutes[youtube=]Coast To Coast AM – 6.6.2011 – 1/4 – UFOs: Cases & Crashes

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Guests: Kevin D. Randle, Lawrence Joseph

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George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 6/7/11 show recap

Solar Threats

First hour guest, author Lawrence Joseph talked about protecting the electrical grids from solar blasts. We face a serious danger of getting knocked off the grid (major solar blasts occurred in 1859 and 1921), yet the Senate scuttled legislation that was passed in the House to take protective measures, he noted. Joseph said he’s seeking to get this topic on the agenda of the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, so that heads of state can take action on this catastrophic threat.


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