Just like on US’ talk radio:

“If you mention ‘Bilderberg’ on talk radio in this country
you get dismissed as a lunatic.”

– Paul in Ireland

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFdnFtmgXLE]The Alex Jones Show: It’s Us or Them, It’s Us or Them! 1/3

Uploaded by on Jun 9, 2011

On today’s show, Alex continues his coverage of the Bilderberg globalist confab currently underway in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Alex talks to his on-the-ground intrepid reporters on site in Switzerland, Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.com and Aaron Dykes of Infowars.com. He also gets the latest information on the Bilderberger agenda from veteran ace reporter and Bilderberg sleuth, Jim Tucker. Finally, Alex talks with Katherine Albrecht, host of The Dr. Katherine Albrecht show on the GCN Radio network. Alex takes your calls and reports the latest from Bilderberg 2011 as events unfold.