Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“It is of course this decadent, degenerate, U.S. ruling class which is doing all of this. The initiative at least is coming from them. It’s a desperate attempt to reorganize the world by destroying most of the existing nation states, and really destroying any possible focus of resistance against the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization.”

“Any independent nation state with any degree of autonomy is going to try to get out of the U.S. empire. So therefore their goal is to destroy all existing nation states.”

— Webster Tarpley

[youtube=]Webster Tarpley & Alex Jones: NATO Running Out of Bombs in Libya, Overstretch with Five Wars 1/3

Uploaded by on Jun 15, 2011

Author and journalist Webster Tarpley joins Alex to talk about breaking developments in the Middle East and dire news on the economic front. Tarpley is the author of Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate and other important titles.