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Joel Skousen: Lindsey Williams – How Credible? — By the end of 2012 he claims “all private fortunes will be lost that are secured with paper.” [I’d say, no way. A total collapse of paper won’t happen till WWIII, and Iran won’t trigger the big war]

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I get asked quite frequently to comment on Lindsey Williams’ latest revelations which he claims comes from insider oil men that he came to know while a Baptist oil field chaplain in Alaska. At first Williams was very accurate because of first-hand knowledge about a giant US oil field on Gull Island in the Arctic that the government required to be capped to force US dependence on foreign oil. My own opinion is that it was done to preserve US oil for some future world war in which our foreign oil supplies will be cut off. The powers that be (PTB) aren’t hoping to use that oil for our benefit but for their own control of a provoked war that will push us into a New World Order.

Lindsey developed two sources of insider information while in Alaska. The most important was Ken Fromm who later became the head of ARCO oil and was later fired for talking to Williams about holding Gull Island oil off the market. Ken Fromm has since died and another executive close to Fromm has continued to feed Williams supposed insider information about oil and the globalist threat to America.

I do not believe Fromm was a true insider. He was a lower level player at best, who primarily came into contact with the PTB only when he was threatened by federal agents to cap the huge oil find. Obviously ARCO was compensated under the table. Fromm must have then decided to go along, but he was never high enough to know long-term insider plans (which are constantly between tweaked). His sources may have claimed they were telling him high secrets, but that would be very unlikely unless Fromm was evil enough to be trusted by the PTB. I believe Fromm was probably sincere and caught between the threats of government upon his company and his own principles. That is why he wanted to let Williams in on what he felt was going on.

But no true insider would have been talking to a Christian patriot like Lindsey Williams, and Fromm was eventually called on the carpet for doing so. I think Fromm was gleaning some things from those he knew who were part of the conspiracy and passing along orders from above, but Williams clearly doesn’t understand how the conspiracy works and why he had a too-good-to-be-true relationship going. Now he should be much more skeptical of those feeding him part truth and part error.

The PTB record all telephone conversations and email, especially insiders who might be tempted to talk too much, and all journalists—to make sure nothing gets out they don’t want getting out. No one on our side would be allowed deep into the inside, and if someone did by a fluke, he certainly would be discovered quickly and shut down if he were regularly leaking to someone like Williams who runs around telling everything to the world.

The inconsistent thing about Williams’ story is that he claimed he was threatened into shutting down his speaking engagements and stopping publication of his book (The Non Energy Crisis) about the same time Fromm was fired. But then, magically, new sources start feeding him information again and he can keep peddling stories. That’s fishy.

I have no doubt someone is actually talking to Williams, but that person is not on our side and he’s playing with Williams in order to get him discredited. After Fromm died, I think the PTB decided to keep giving Williams some truths and some falsehoods. Williams is rather naive and self-promoting about some things and that made him a good candidate for parlaying disinformation.

Fromm’s colleague took over the task of feeding Williams information and started off feeding information that correctly predicted a collapse in the price of oil. That cemented Williams’ reputation as someone who still had good inside information. A few years ago, the oil manipulators were storing oil in every possible storage facility and empty tanker they could find in order to create an artificial shortage and jack up the price of oil. Williams’ oil insider friend must have known that excess oil storage capacity was nearing an end and that the manipulation game had run out of rope. He told Williams that oil would drop precipitously to $50 a barrel from over $100, and it happened almost exactly that way.

From that point on, Williams was riding high on the claim that he had a perfect track record. But his sources have been more wrong than right lately. Over a year ago he predicted the price of oil would rise to $150 Barrel and that the dollar would be dead within a very short period. When the Euro crisis hit (which boosted the dollar) he said we have “just 2 to 3 weeks until it happens to US!” It didn’t happen. That isn’t to say there aren’t huge problems, just that his timing was way off.

We are still waiting for his “Get Ready for $5 a Gallon Gasoline and Major Food Price Increases!” claimed months ago. Certainly, he’ll be right eventually, but my point is that when he makes these announcements, he claims specific insider detailed information, and the details are wrong. The more Williams hypes the message the more he is beginning to sound like Chicken Little. His latest predictions are also a bit too specific, though generally have a better chance of coming true:

1). U.S./NATO will incite a war with Iran by Sept/Oct of 2012, just before the election which will boost Obama into office for a second term. I too think they will attack, but I’m not at all sure it will wait until then. However, it is very likely that if the PTB want to put Obama in again, a war right before elections is the way to do it. This is possible or even probable.

2) Next fall, it’s coming down (the whole economy). By the end of 2012 he claims “all private fortunes will be lost that are secured with paper.” [I’d say, no way. A total collapse of paper won’t happen till WWIII, and Iran won’t trigger the big war]

3) Gold going to at least $3,000 [unlikely within a year, but inevitable eventually]

4) Gas will be $8-10/gallon, once the war starts and 40% of the world’s oil supply is cut off [more like 10-20%], and Gull Island’s gigantic oil field in Alaska is already being tapped [Alaska pipeline figures don’t support this].

Frankly, since we never hear from Mr. X himself, we can’t tell if the source is putting out these questionable claims or weather Lindsey Williams is exaggerating them into something specific in order to be dramatic. Once a person gets a reputation for ever more dramatic revelations every time he appears on Alex Jones, it’s pretty hard to stop and say something normal, or admit you’ve been wrong—which he never does.


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  1. Pat Johnson

    Skousen, I think you need to clean the wax out of your ears. Williams does not say that the oil on Gull Island has been tapped yet. It will be tapped when the Middle East comes down (i.e. when Saudi Arabia is taken down lastly). Only when gas is $6-$10 a gallon will Gull Island be tapped.

    Williams says the dollar will collapse 2-3 weeks after the Euro collapses. The euro is in crisis, but has NOT totally collapsed, yet.

    Williams says gold goes to AT LEAST $3,000 when the NEW CURRENCY is established and backed by gold/silver. He does not say it will be $3,000 by 2012.

    Clean the wax out of your ears.

  2. “Get Ready for $5 a Gallon Gasoline and Major Food Price Increases!” — it’s here What are you criticizing him about? What do you know?

  3. Anonymous

    I’m just coming across this post in June 2013. Sorry Joel, but I believe he was right about money being taken from savings accounts (Cyprus, of course) and the end of the dollar (the BRICS and other countries are no longer using the dollar for trade).

  4. Anonymous

    It seems Ken Fromm doesn’t exist. Has anyone any evidence of his existence? Has Arco ever heard of such a character?? Has anyone seen photos of the guy in his role at Arco?? Anyone been to Arco’s meetings and seen and heard him??

    • Thanks for sharing. This is disheartening.

      It’s possible Lindsey is using this as a pseudonym to continue to hide who this source really is. But he doesn’t indicate it is a pseudonym.

      Dr. Stanley Monteith, who really does have incredible integrity, did some phone checking, and verified some of Lindsey’s sources. I don’t remember what Dr. Stan said exactly, was a few years ago, but Dr. Stan was convinced enough to have Lindsey on many times since. Perhaps you could call Radio Liberty and ask them. I’d be interested in what you find out.

      The last time Lindsey was on The Alex Jones Show, a few months ago, Alex didn’t keep him on long, and didn’t even post a YouTube video of the show, which is unlike Alex. Alex apparently didn’t like Lindsey pushing Carnivora as a health remedy.

      “Coast to Coast AM” is now running ads of Lindsey speaking, pushing Carnivora.

      Lindsey comes across as very credible, his speaking style and cadence, and it seems that his original story is true, as was his insight into the radical oil price change, but something has been wrong for many years.

      Lindsey seems to have a “love of money” thing going on. For years, he would only sell his oil energy non-crisis book as an expensive bundle with a video, or videos and other books. That didn’t seem right to me. I bought a set anyway, and read the book.

      Then he got involved with The Prophecy Club, who sell his videos, starting at $38!

      And he was clearly wrong on ~”The dollar will be dead by the end of 2012,” and won’t admit he was wrong — twisting it to say that he was right. Huh?

      Revelation 21 says all liars will end up in the Lake of Fire. I hope as a former chaplain, Lindsey is reading his Bible, and where he has not told the truth he will come clean.

      His eternity is at stake, not just his reputation, and when one conspiracy theorist isn’t fully truthful, it gives others a bad name too.

      Lindsey, please come clean, and always tell the truth no matter what, before it’s too late. The Baptist once-saved-always-saved doctrine is clearly not true. We can’t just say we’re Christians, followers of Christ. We must actually follow Him. We must be holy, and walk in truth:

      Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT.”

      Hopefully, there is a simple explanation for this Kenneth Fromm mystery. I’d like to know.

      We need more Joel Skousens, truthers who say it as it is without embellishment.

      This isn’t a game. No one has a right to play with people’s minds, especially about these subjects.

      Very strange.


    • Charlie

      Hi, I saw your post asking about Ken Fromm. I knew who he was. I’m surprised to hear of his “passing” When I knew him he was the “head man” at the CCP(Central Compressor Plant) at Prudhoe Bay. I doubt seriously that he ever became “Head Man” for ARCO. He was a real nice guy and on Sunday nights he would usually head up our Church service at the ARCO PBOC(Prudhoe Bay Operations Center). Ken Fromm definitely existed.

  5. Kitty Hawk

    I don’t know if Williams is to be trusted with his predictions based on what he claims as insider information. However, Skousen, why should we believe you? Your “opinions and beliefs” about what is going to happen is no more substantiating evidence than Williams “sources.” So, why should we believe you? Where are your sources to validate your claims?

    What little I know, I don’t think Williams claims to be a prophet. If he does, and he has been wrong on some of his prophecies, then according to the Bible he is to be consider a false prophet. However, it does not matter one way or the other, I do not believe there are prophets in our day. They ended in the New Testament era.

    By the way, Skousen, how do you know as an outsider what Fromes knew or did not know about his company? Snowden was not a high up with his company, but look at what he has revealed. It was enough that he had to flee the country.

    Our problem today is that there are so many people like you and Williams telling us what is true and not true, that it has become practically impossible to know whom to believe. I am preparing for the future as best as I can. You would have to be brain damaged to believe that all is well. If nothing happens, I am no worse off. If something happens, I will be prepared better than most. It is your decision to prepare as you will. I hope you will not be sorry if something does happen.

    • Anyone can look at Joel’s track record. He is quite credible. Very careful. He’s almost always right, which is why I subscribe to his newsletter.

      Joel got my attention when he was right about Y2K, and I’ve been closely listening to what he says ever since.

  6. Anonymous

    buy the truth and. Give it away. In in mom?.

  7. Just some dude

    Well, here we are in 2022, and like the proverbial broken clock, a lot of the elements of Lindsey’s circa 2008-2010 theories are coming to pass, but he was left holding the “Chicken Little” bag by the crafty intelligence operatives who were feeding him the information in this article, but like 10 years too soon. Today we heard Macron tell Biden that UAE and SA have little excess production capacity, and it’s up to the USA to fill the gap while the Rooskies are in the NWO penalty booth. But another of Lindsey’s ideas, that Russia and China would be used to economically (and possibly militarily) crush the USA and EU, that’s now a real possibility, as is escalation into that fusion-weapon WW3 that Joel said was a real trigger for an abrupt end of paper wealth…
    “In one hour, destruction has come upon her…” Could that “her” be the US, with its statue of the Roman goddess “Liberty”, or if you will “Isis”, standing in NY Harbor? The country the kings of the earth become wealthy by trading with?

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