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A warning to all psychiatric drug users — Antipsychotic drugs disturb frontal lobe activity – causing a chemical lobotomy – making emotionally distressed people more submissive and less able to feel!

From: Natural News

A warning to all psychiatric drug users

Antidepressants are the most prescribed (often overprescribed) medication in the United States. But, contrary to popular belief – taking Zoloft, Prozac and Lexapro (to name a few) can be very dangerous to your health. These selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) can cause physical pain, involuntary movement, sexual dysfunction and life-threatening drug interactions. Clearly, most people have NOT been told the entire story. (keep reading)

Generally speaking, the consumption of psychiatric drugs will interfere with normal human emotions and mental activities – making a person less able to successfully handle personal problems or life challenges.…

The problem – you’ve never been told – about psychiatric drugs

Make no mistake – antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs severely alter brain chemistry. Did you know that taking psychiatric drugs can lead to drug-induced mental disabilities? Just check out some of the many health problems associated with psychiatric medications:

Antidepressants cause emotional “numbness” – often providing an artificial relief from emotional suffering.

Antipsychotic drugs disturb frontal lobe activity – causing a chemical lobotomy – making emotionally distressed people more submissive and less able to feel.

Mood stabilizers slow down overall brain function – dampening emotions and vitality. …

Stimulants blunt spontaneity and enforce obsessive behaviors in children, making them less energetic, less social, less creative and more obedient. …

If you know someone addicted to these harmful medications – ask them to join us on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour.

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  1. mythoughtsalone2

    So true, I was given 2 drugs Tranxene and Activan for anxiety, (I never had it explained what was happening to me)
    I was on them for 8 years and became a complete zombie, I then decided to come off them, my doctor was angry and told me I would need them for life.
    I came off, it took 4 years of hell to feel normal again, but I did it, I knew it was the right thing to do. These drugs made it a thousand times worse.
    It all came back, the anxiety, fear, panic attacks but worse, far, far worse.
    Nothing cured, just made worse over time.
    The addiction is appaling, the body screams out for the drug. Far worse than any street drug of that I am sure.
    Never go down this road, find out what has caused you to produce adrenaline to a level of putting the body on high alert over a very long period.
    This is what causes the symptoms.
    Dr Clare Weeks books explain it all, a real life saver, they became my bible and healer over time.
    That was over 30 years ago, I became an holistic practitioner because of this, and have never looked back.
    I never go to a doctor, I never take presciption drugs or OTC drugs, I take vitamin supplements, a good diet, and walk every day with my dog….
    Never trust what your told, always question everything, its all about Money, corruption and control….

  2. unicorn

    Do some proper scientific research before talking about something you have no idea about. Of course they alter your brain chemistry because if you really have a mental illness your chemistry is out of wack. The medicatoon allows you to a live a life that would not be possible if you didnt take it. Yes there are side effects but ill take the tremors and forgetfulness over the alternative any day. It takes a while to find the correct meds. It took me 4 years and now I’ve never been better. Anti-depressants are so over prescribed because people who don’t have a mental illness hit a speed bump and cant cope so they reach for a pill. Dont blame medication that is saving lives. Just like chemo has side effects so to do psychiatric meds. In fact go read a box of advil and you will find a list of side effects. Next time more research.

    • You say: “ill take the tremors and forgetfulness over the alternative any day.”
      What if getting rid of the evil spirits take the problem completely away with no side effects, and without dulling the conscience?
      What if replacing what is missing in the diet totally resolves the problem without side effects?
      What if forgiving the person who hurt us frees us without side effects?
      Advil is a drug too.
      And you’re a fan of chemo too?

  3. Unicorn

    Evil spirits? Forgiveness?
    Oh wow ok at least now I have an idea of what I am dealing with.
    Firstly evil spirits? What is this primary school with imaginary friends?
    Chemo saves lives – am I fan? If I was dying from cancer and chemo was my only shot maybe I would be.
    The only point that has any weight are your comments about diet and forgiveness – diet affects your moods so I try my best to eat well.
    As for forgiveness that is not related to mental illness holding onto to anger will poison even the healthiest person.
    With regards to your story you probably never needed the meds to begin with.
    If you had made the positive healthy lifestyle changes to begin with it probably would have saved you lots of years of trouble.
    I notice how you say the doctor never explained why you were being put on the meds my question to you is why didn’t you ask?
    Surely no just blindly takes meds without questioning why? Take some responsibility,
    That said I agree doctors are very quick to hand out meds but people need to take responsibility and ask.
    Additionally when going on psychiatric meds you should be seeing a Psychiatrist someone who has specialised in these meds and not a GP.
    And my last point is the most important for some people like myself who have had physical tests to show a chemical imbalance in my brain there is only so much a healthy lifestyle can do. A healthy lifestyle together with the meds ensures that I have quality of life. One does not work without the other. I cannot just lead a healthy lifestyles and wish the Bipolar away. Just like I cannot only take meds and think I can drink and eat unhealthy. The two go hand in hand.
    I researched the side effects and made an informed decision about the type of life I want to live and not once do I think I made the wrong choice.
    Unless you have a mental illness and are on drugs that work you cannot really understand.
    And that is your problem – you had a bad experience and you are now trying to generalise it when there are millions of people out there taking those psychiatric drugs every day and are alive and functioning because of those drugs. Additionally not all users suffer from the side effects. It depends on your personal chemistry.
    I highly recommend doing proper research next time you launch on some irrelevant and badly researched post.

    • I’m not the author of this article. The entire article is linked, above.
      Chemo often does more harm than good. There are usually better alternatives like turmeric, which cost almost nothing. Big Pharma is driven by the love of money, and shun anything they can’t patent.
      And yes, actual demons affect almost everyone, emotionally and/or physically. Bipolar is classic demonic oppression. Do you hear voices giving you ideas? If a person is a born-again Christian, the Holy Spirit can be one voice, and would not torment a person. All of the other voices are demons. If a person isn’t born-again, the voices are probably all demons. And they usually speak in the first-person, as if they are you, giving you ideas, etc..

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