Joel Skousen: North Koreans Among 40 Dead at Iran Nuke Plant Explosion

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Often I will delay covering a story waiting for crucial information to emerge. The story of the sabotage and explosion of Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility was just such a story that needed more time. had some unique sources that shed light on what happened: “The explosions at Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility Jan. 21 killed at least 40 people, including two North Koreans… At the time of the explosions, the source said, 203 Iranian scientists and technicians along with 16 North Koreans had been logged in at the site, though the initial report listed 240 people.
“The day before the explosions, the North Koreans had brought in new equipment, described by the source as touch-screen monitors the size of TVs that were installed in the monitoring room and some new parts that were installed in the centrifuges before the start of the enrichment process. The explosions were reported exclusively by WND [about] the trapped workers including 16 North Koreans: 14 technicians and two military attaches. The source said many of the centrifuges have been destroyed and rescuers have still not accessed the reserves of the 20 percent stock of enriched uranium to assess the level of radiation.”
The importance of this story is twofold: 1) that North Korea is integrally involved in transferring technology to Iran and therefore we can assume that Iran specifically needs their help because they are working toward developing nuclear weapons, just as North Korea is doing. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the media is not giving any play to this story—to avoid highlighting the obvious hypocrisy with regard to US leniency toward NK compared to Iran. If the US attacks Iran over nuclear weapons, it should attack North Korea just as vigorously because NK is even farther along and a direct threat to US troops in South Korea.
2) The infiltration of explosives was surely an Israeli operation and demonstrates that Israel is still the very best at dirty tricks in the Middle East. But the crippling of the Iranian enrichment facility also sets back the Iranian nuclear plans for a long time and thus denies PM Netanyahu the urgency he is demanding in attacking Iran. Perhaps that is another reason why even the Israeli media does not elaborate on the extensive damage. Certainly Israel does not want the rationale for the attack to go away.
Israel and the other globalist plotters in the West aren’t just trying to destroy Iran’s nuclear structure, they really want Iran’s substantial military capabilities decapitated and China’s access to gas and oil in Iran cut off. Only a joint Israel/US air war accomplishes that, and it is still coming. “Solving” the threat by sabotage would neutralize the reason for a larger attack. I can only conclude that the attack on the Fordow facility was to encourage Iran to retaliate and not to solve the Iranian nuclear threat.
Business Insider reinforced that view when it observed, “Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was simply not strong enough to force a halt to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. In order to halt the program, Bibi said, the U.S. would have to strike, and they must do so this year.”
The globalists are desperate to move along with their Middle East agenda to take down both Syria and Iran. This week Israel finally admitted that it was responsible for the air incursion and attack near Baghdad claiming they were targeting a truck convoy carrying anti-aircraft weapons bound for the militant group Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon. As usual, they were lying. Here’s the real story.
As Jason Ditz wrote this week, “The US Green Lit Israeli Attacks on Syria, and Approves Future Strikes.” The White House not only gave the green light to Israel’s Wednesday attacks on Syria, but they also offered a blanket approval for future strikes. The Wednesday attacks targeted several different sites in Syria, and the Syrian government has shown footage of the aftermath of an attack on a military research facility, one which experts claim was regularly visited by Russian military personnel.
“The reports on the ‘weapons convoy’ heading to Syria have also been revised, with the latest reports saying the Syrian vehicles with weapons on board were actually parked at a military base in Zabadani, not actually on the road heading to Lebanon.
“Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has become the first administration official to go on record about the attacks, saying that the US ‘fully backed’ Israel in attacking Syria, adding that the US was concerned about possible transfers of anti-aircraft weapons because they might be used against ‘civilian aircraft.’ [another lie] It is worth noting that the US-backed rebels in Syria have openly talked about attacking civilian planes, but the regime has shown no interest in doing so [Of course. They know the US would love to have that as an excuse to get NATO to intervene].
“Reports also suggest that in addition to Israeli attacks on Syria, the US is interested in launching attacks of its own, and that it is planning to attack targets around the northern city of Aleppo if the rebels get too close to chemical weapons depots [In fact, the rebels are heading in that direct specifically to give the US an excuse to intervene].
“Which might not suit Turkey too well [who is] cheerfully backing the rebels in Syria’s civil war, but blasted Israel for attacking them, and went on to condemn Syria for not retaliating, with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu mocking Assad [goading him to retaliate] for failing to ‘even throw a pebble when Israeli jets were flying over his palace.’”
“The common media position is that ‘Israel has publicly warned that it would take military action to prevent the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons falling into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon or ‘global jihadists’ fighting inside Syria. Israeli military intelligence is said to be monitoring the area round the clock via satellite for possible convoys carrying weapons.” (source: UK Guardian)
But the hypocrisy of the Israeli and US position in Syria is summed up best by this commentator, at “In reality, these “global jihadists” are in fact armed and funded by the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel since at least as early as 2007. They are also in fact the direct beneficiaries of Israel’s recent aggression. The Israeli ‘suspicions’ of ‘weapon transfers’ of course, remain unconfirmed, because the purpose of the attack was not to prevent the transfer of ‘chemical weapons’ to Hezbollah in Lebanon, but to provoke a wider conflict aimed not at Israel’s defense, but at salvaging the West’s floundering proxy terrorist forces inside Syria attempting to subvert and overthrow the Syrian nation.”
I’m embarrassed to be an American when I see all these deceitful tactics being used to justify globalist intervention in other nations that present no threat to us. Sure, they aren’t good people but the world is full of problems. Would that our government was actually trying to solve something instead of provoking more wars and conflict, replacing tyrants with jihadists.

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