The soul of America? Blatant deception and hypocrisy shown:

The U.S. intelligence admitted the rebels used sarin in May. So now we’re justified in attacking Syria because 400 children were killed (almost certainly by the rebels)? David Knight says: “How about 500,000 killed by US foreign policy [in Iraq] that Albright said was worth it?”

Our government doesn’t really care about the children. They have an unadmitted globalist agenda they’re systematically carrying out, taking out country after country that oppose the one-world government, global control of their banks and people.

The deceiving, controlled media shows the victim’s photos over and over, but never our victims — the children we’ve slaughtered in the name of freedom, even in the name of Christ — as we turn millions against America — and Christ!


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[youtube=]U.S. Intelligence: Rebels Used Sarin


Published on Sep 14, 2013

It’s unanimous — The UN, Chinese, Russians and US intelligence all agreed that rebels have produced and used sarin gas. And is there a moral imperative to bomb Syria even if there were 400 children killed? How about 500,000 killed by US foreign policy that Albright said was worth it?

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Joel Skousen’s brilliant analysis! Syria: West Using Terror to Provoke Defections — The Syrian overthrow is a “must accomplish” goal of the US and Israel prior to the coming attack on Iran … so that Israel doesn’t have to face Syrian missiles as part of the inevitable Iranian retaliation.

[Why-they-hate-US video] Webster Tarpley: Syria & Iran, the Colorado Shooting — We are murdering Syrians, falsely blaming it on Assad in order to justify invasion so Syria can’t strike us when we/Israel strike Iran. The German people are being told while our presstitutes go along with the deception.

Joe Biden (2012 Hypocrisy): If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War With Syria | CNN (2012): ROMNEY has accused Obama and his administration of being weak in dealing with President Bashar al-Assad, and has called for the United States and allies to ARM SYRIAN REBELS