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Regarding 'REBEKAH ROTH'/ Monika Gainor – Kurt Haskell Real Investigations

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Something is seriously fishy with “Rebekah Roth,” author of two 9/11 books. Why would she deceive the public about who she really is? Kurt Haskell has done his homework, and is sure she has.
Being a former airline employee myself, I was initially very excited that a former flight attendant would break new information regarding what really happened on 9/11 and especially who did it. At first, I listened to all of her interviews I could find, posting some on my blog. And I corresponded with her on her Facebook page. But suddenly she unfriended and completely blocked me from her page, without any warning, and for no good reason at all.
After that, I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I then found out she was being exceptionally mean spirited to others, even using expletives to “put them in their place.” I warned some about her not being a team player, and tried to get them to help — because “Solving 9/11 ends the war,” as Christopher Bollyn rightly says — once people know who the real perpetrators were. 9/11 truth really is a big deal!
James Fetzer was one investigator whom she was incredibly mean to. She way over-the-top reacted. He recently released this video, Rebekah Roth Exposedunder which I left a comment, trying to balance….
There is a lot of talk about ‘Rebekah’ being cointel. We may never know for sure (maybe she just misrepresented herself to sell more books). But *if she is* cointel, it’s likely that her intel sources gave her truthful information to get her greatly accepted by the truth movement, which has significantly happened in a short time period.
It’s IMPORTANT THAT WE DON’T THROW OUT the truth she did bring in!
The human tendency is to reject everything she’s said once we find out we’ve been had. But what if we don’t play that game, and are more interested in truth that can set us free, instead of how we’ve been treated?
What if we look at the truth ‘Rebekah’ brought in as a gift, a positive thing; even though, everything must be carefully checked and verified? Thank you, CIA, or ‘Rebekah,’ if it really did originate with her, and/or with ‘Ramjet,’ her sidekick.
We need to make sure we KEEP THE BABY, while throwing out the bathwater — which will help us move forward even faster — so we can reach more people — while more wars are being fought in 9/11’s name.
One last point — Kurt writes:

“Sara” when confronted about who she really is, will often respond that it doesn’t matter because she is a fiction writer. She likes to compare herself to JK Rowling.

When I saw ‘Rebekah’ do this, I thought of something else. JK Rowling isn’t just a fiction writer. She writes books about witchcraft, casting spells on people to control and manipulate them. That’s not what we need in 9/11 truth.
We need holiness and integrity, not witchcraft and deception to wickedly get what we want.
The Talmudic globalists tap into the dark side to carry out their ‘methodical’ deceptions. Whereas, we need to tap into Truth to overcome dark with bright Light — ego, selfishness and the “love of money” not getting in the way at all!
We don’t need any Harry Potters in the truth movement, using witchcraft to advance self, or for some other motive. We need men and women with great integrity — lovers of the truth — to help mankind! Richard Gage comes to mind, doing such a stellar job with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth; though, he doesn’t expose those who did it, like Christopher Bollyn is thankfully doing.
Please pray *for* everyone to overcome, so we can unite and defeat these sick globalists who rely on the dark side to overcome us.
Jeff : )
Thanks to Kurt Haskell for standing up for truth no matter what, like this:
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From: Kurt Haskell’s Facebook page

Regarding “Sara” (Rebekah Roth/ Monika Gainor)

I have recently been contacted by several of my Facebook friends and show listeners regarding Rebekah Roth (who will here after be referred to by her real name: Sara). Their concern was a video put out by Jim Fetzer, which questioned her identity. Each of them asked my thoughts on the video and asked me whether I thought “Sara” was who she said she was. Several had concerns about whether she was a fraud and/or a CIA agent. Because of such concerns, I decided to conduct my own investigation.

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  1. anastasia

    It is difficult enough to find out what happened on 911. Now you are asking us to wade though another veil of lies to find the grains of truth? Thanks, but no thanks. 99.9 percent of the stuff she talks about is the research of others. What I would do if I were you and you found a topic she is talking about that is intriguing you is to look on the internet for her source material. She’ll never give it to you, as she pretends it is her own. I would pay absolutely no attention at all to what she says about those stewardesses, about the Flight Termination System (what it does); about the “facts” she tells you about Westover, or about Mohammed Atta as these things come from her own “personal knowledge”, and she is proven to be a thoroughly unreliable witness.

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