Alex has been robbing people of the truth in order to expand his audience. And lately, he’s getting even worse.

If Alex and other truthers hadn’t lied so much about Israel’s machinations many would have woken up to Israel’s Talmudic, NWO agenda long ago, and we might still have a country.

In this clip from his show in 2008, Alex had just released (video) ‘Fabled Enemies’: 9/11 Israeli connection, etc.

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“On the subject of Israel: it is one of the most wicked nations on earth.”

“I remember losing radio stations…. They called me up and said ‘you’re criticizing Israel and we’re taking you off unless you stop.’ ..I’m just here covering what Israel is doing. And they said, ‘that’s it; you’re off.’ And then a couple other stations took me off. I lose radio stations….”

– Alex Jones 2008

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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[youtube=]Alex Jones Show: August 13th, 2008. The Israeli’s are wicked!



Uploaded on Aug 14, 2008

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