Churchill was even worse than FDR; even though, FDR carried out the 8-step plan that made sure Japan bombed Pearl Harbor:

(video) The TRUTH About PEARL HARBOR – James Perloff with John B. Wells 12/7/15 — The 4 WAYS ROOSEVELT KNEW and the 8 WAYS HE MADE IT HAPPEN: ”Roosevelt had unsuccessfully tried to duplicate the success of the Lusitania [WWI false flag]. The Germans weren’t biting. They weren’t going to sink an American ship. So they turned their attention to Japan. A PLAN OF PROVOCATION was reached • Those involved in the COVERUP were promoted in rank. Those who told the truth were not • “That’s why we get the quality of leaders we see now. They’re THE GUYS WHO TOOK THE BRIBE” • “Playing along with this game is like winning a hand on the deck of the Titanic before it sank. Some temporary payoff is not worth it. It’s much better to fight for the good guys, to fight for truth and to put yourself RIGHT WITH GOD”

Hitler didn’t want war with England or US, but Churchill ignored Hitler’s generous peace deal, and vowed to crush Germany, even by fire bombing the cities — to carry out the wishes of the international banksters who controlled him!

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“As an old Freemason, he calls upon God to witness that his actions are honorable.”

– Adolph Hitler

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