Here are some interesting names from the list, linked below. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are known kingpins, having been top dogs for many generations. They’re also $Zillionares!

Many are members of the other key secret societies too. I wonder how many knowingly serve Satan.

  • Blair, Tony [USA’s warmonger partner for years]
  • Brzezinski, Zbigniew [Some think he’s one of the top dogs]
  • Buffet, Warren [likes picture taken while eating ice cream cones to look innocent]
  • Bush, George HW [Fmr. CIA head, then multi-term dictator/manipulator]
  • De Rothschild, Benjamin 
  • De Rothschild, David René James 
  • De Rothschild, Evelyn Robert 
  • De Rothschild, Leopold David 
  • Gates, Bill [Population control agenda enthusiast]
  • Gore, Al [Mr. Global Warming]
  • Kissinger, Henry [key globalist in most of the other secret societies too]
  • Murdoch, Rupert [“Fair & Balanced” FOX News & Zondervan owner]
  • Powell, Colin [“Weapons of mass destruction”]
  • Rockefeller, David Jr.
  • Rockefeller, David Sr.
  • Rockefeller, Nicholas 
  • Rothschild, Jacob – 4th Baron Rothschild
  • Soros, George [Seems to have his hands in everything]
  • Woolsey, R. James Jr. [PNAC]

• • •

From: Henry Makow

Know Your Enemy – “Committee of 300” Membership List 

April 20, 2012

coleman.jpegThe Rothschilds and their Go’fers


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