Trump in 1988. Serious ethical problems — willing to do almost anything to get the deal: bending the rules, Machiavellian sociopath, lying, lack of concern for others….

Yet Trump is the only candidate remaining who could stand up to the globalists as President. Almost 30 years later, is he still all about Trump, or would he do what’s best for the people?

There is a slight chance that he actually now feels guilty for the many he stepped on and over, and this could be his way to partially make up for that, knowing he’s the only candidate that could do what is right, and not be mostly a puppet?

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[youtube=]Donald Trump: What’s the Deal? Lies and Secrets Exposed! (Full length)



Published on Jan 2, 2016

Full length documentary on the real Donald Trump. The Donald doesn’t want you to see this film. This film goes deep in to the intimate relationships that Mr. Trump has with individuals that would be considered political enemies to those who are supporting Trump for the 2016 Presidential election.