The Holocaust $MYTH$ is GOING DOWN!!! I wrote this partial transcript of Nathanael’s EXCELLENT presentation.

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In the 1950 edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, [Jacob] Marcus wrote it was ‘THOUSANDS of Jews,’ NOT ‘6 MILLION’ that perished during WWII. NOT A SINGLE GAS CHAMBER was mentioned.

It WASN’T UNTIL THE ’60s, when pro-Israel lobbies grew in power, that the number 6 million and gas chambers suddenly was served up to a gullible public. Working with Jewish Hollywood, the lobbies needed to manipulate political opinion to support Israel. By PLAYING VICTIM, they could EXTORT millions and eventually BILLIONS of dollars for their Zionist agenda.

The book and movie, “Diary of Ann Frank,” exposed as a FABRICATION, helped further their agenda. …

WHY are there SO MANY Holocaust SURVIVORS? … Is it because efficient Germans didn’t put prisoners to death, but to work. Historian Jacob Marcus did cite WORK CAMPS, not death camps as places of incarceration.

And according to FORENSIC EVIDENCE EXPERT, Fred Leuchter, not a single homicidal gas chamber ever existed. …

If Wiesel and all of the Jews are so sure the Holocaust happened,
WHY ARE THEY SO AFRAID of those who challenge their narrative? It’s because their narrative; though, full of holes, is their $bread and $butter.

If we all want to survive the Holocaust, then maybe we should do what Wiesel has done. He’s earned a fortune from it. But earning our keep by FILTHY LUCRE is FORBIDDEN BY THE BIBLE.

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How To Survive The Holocaust

Brother Nathanael

Brother Nathanael

Published on Feb 11, 2016


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