2 thoughts on “(video) Syrian Girl: Evidence Mounts Syrian WMD Attack Was False Flag

  1. The attack is preceded by a few reports provided from Turkey, the responsibility must be sought in the friend Erdogan.

    Anyway if the area was not controlled by al – Assad appear false information and attacks caused by rebels themselves; apparently attacked with chlorine and not with sarin gas.

    A few months ago appeared a story confirmed by all the Naciones where said that ISIS possessed chemical weapons leveraging large amounts chlorine and other substances.

    A few hours until the Syrian population was attacked with chlorine related journalists to the ISIS warned the population of the area of the impending attack.

    So back U.S. missile strike can be understood as a form of deterrent and a message mason Putin and President al – Assad to put order in those unsafe areas.

    And then Infowars (Zionist press and false dissent) leverages these known events to get hearing loss.

    In short Trump has not attacked Syria, but has attacked the ISIS, chlorine chemical attack confirms that these areas are not secured by Russia and al – Assad.

    1. The MSM and our government is telling lies to get Trump into war illegally and immorally.

      Donald Trump appears to be largely controlled by the globalists right now. It looks like he may have been blackmailed, because he’s changing his positions completely, and is filling the swamp.

      We bombed Syria’s military base, which is bombing Syria.

      The CIA and Mossad control ISIS. The goal was to regime-change Assad out. Russia put a stop to that. And Trump was getting in the way, so they created another false flag to force Trump get back into the plan to oust Assad.

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