(vid) Alexandr Dugin (aka Putin's Brain) — The idea that "Putin is the new savior of the white Christian race" must be buried where it belongs

A comment by Divine Voice:

This idea in our circles, especially among “American nationalists” that “Putin is the new savior of the white Christian race” must be buried where it belongs.

Again, I will remind you that Putin and his regime hunted down, killed and imprisoned just about every member of the NSO, Russian Nationalist Party and anyone else who spoke out against mass immigration or those who were opposed to Putin’s oligarch-funded police state.

Putin has banned Russian nationalist movements who held a positive view of European nationalism (while still being Russian nationalists themselves).

The only Russian nationalist movements that are left are controlled opposition, and all of them are coincidently pro-Putin. f.x. Aleksandr Dugin and his “national Bolshevism” & “Eurasianism” movement.

And regarding the conflict in Ukraine, for those who support the anti-European, communist and Russian-backed proxy-state “Novorossiya”;
It is Russia, not Ukraine, where hundreds of people per year for, like, a decade or so, were getting charged with thought crimes, many going to its hellish prison system, for “xenophobia”, “anti-semitism”, “neo-nazism”, and other “hate crimes”. All of this as a direct result, personally and directly mandated by Putin himself.

I know of a number of high profile cases like this in Putin’s Russia against “anti-semites”.

In Russia, Holocau$t scepticism is officially banned since 2014 (not an old post-war law like in Europe), and it is punishable by up to 5 years in horrible prisons of Russian Federation.

Many books, such as Jurgen Graf’s “Truth about Holocaust”, were already banned even before that law, as Putin has of course set up laws against “hate speech”, “pro-nazism” and “extremism”.

In Ukraine as of 2015, they banned communism and they, on the country level, do a lot of work in condemning it on the official level, publicizing crimes of communism to the whole world and popularizing the understanding of communism as criminal, worldwide.

Meanwhile, in Putin’s Russia: Record number of Russians ‘positive’ about Joseph Stalin & communism (52%).

In Ukraine, what was once called “anti-semitic university of hate” by ADL — MAUP, the Ukraine’s largest non-state higher education institution teaching, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Ukrainian youth over the years and some of Ukrainian elite as well — is still functioning as of 2015. It’s the same institution of higher learning that gave David Duke the degree.

It would be unthinkable in Putin’s Russian Federation for an institute like MAUP to exist.

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Alexandr Dugin (Aka Putin’s Brain)

Published on Mar 18, 2018

Source: Sinead Macharthy

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