Talmudic racist rabbis teach Israeli soldiers to be cruel and killing innocent children is okay


Racist messianic lunatics believe Israel’s wars are God’s wars and killing innocent children is ok
Joseph Davis
Published on Feb 28, 2018
US politicians are calling for us to give even more of our money to the racist Jewish supremacist state of Israel. This is in addition to the largest giveaway of US tax dollars in foreign “aid” in US history.
Please watch the brief video below and ask yourself why would we give these racist lunatics our money? Most Americans including Jewish Americans have no idea about this information because Zionist Jews dominate our media and Hollywood, and they openly brag about it.
We also need to ask ourselves, what is Israel’s end goal?
Full post with recommended resources: http://jdavismemphis.com/2018/02/28/r…
This an [3:17 min.] excerpt from Wardo Rants-1 full video: https://youtu.be/tRKg2uxva5I

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