Jason Bermas: “Alex Jones is not a CIA asset as far as I knew when I knew him … He likes money and power … He’s almost gone full neocon”

Jason Burmas @ 1:23:14, transcribed by me:

“Alex Jones is not a CIA asset as far as I knew when I knew him. I don’t know what’s been going on in the last nine years. … He’s somebody who likes money and power. …

He associates himself with people that he thinks can elevate him, and sometimes viewpoints. … He called for regime change in Venezuela. He’s trying to talk about them putting a different regime in Iran. He’s almost gone full neocon.

Let’s be honest. Let’s not lie to ourselves. When you can’t commentate on Syria, when you can’t commentate on Julian Assange and the torture that’s taking place against that gentleman, how good are you, how solo are you, how independent are you?”

Also, Dylan Avery announced in this Q&A that he’s doing a short film for AE911Truth on the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Building 7 report that proves Building 7 did not come down because of fire, discrediting the official NIST report.

Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas made the groundbreaking “Loose Change” films exposing 9/11. They threw people off by saying a 757 did not hit the Pentagon though, which they still won’t admit was an error, which they discussed at the beginning of this Q&A.

They do mention Israeli involvement.

Bagel Boss YouTube Take Down Deep Fakes And Disco Dylan Avery The Grey AMA!

Streamed live 118 minutes ago

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