(vid) Professor Dolores Cahill – Why Coronavirus Lockdown Is Killing More People Than It’s Saving – London Real

Dolores’ *extensive* credentials are laid out here at the beginning of this also excellent interview: MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

Incredible lady — so truthful and free!


“If we have a healthy immune system, we don’t need anything else,” ie: lockdowns, social distancing, masks and vaccines.

Companies who censor those who warned about the detrimental health practices and mandates, and were proven correct, should be held accountable for the damage they did to people and countries.

If people find out they can boost their immune system through food and nutrients, and that vaccines are dangerous, it undermines the profit of Big Pharma.

The FDA, by preventing the treatment of HCQ + zinc and YouTube preventing the information from getting out could be held libel for the unnecessary deaths.

“Did they give advice to the elderly, how they could boost their immune system? Did they give access to treatment?” People who withheld this need to be held responsible.

57:10 The reality of vaccines. The toxins: aluminum, etc.. They’re grown on monkey or dog kidneys, and the viruses from the monkeys, like Simion virus 40, SV 40 are introduced in people which ordinarily never would be, which cause cancers and chronic illnesses. Vaccines are not safe, are often ineffective, and can cause infertility.

They haven’t made a safe vaccine for a corona virus in 17 years. How can they make one now, which they won’t even safety test. So far, vaccines for corona viruses cause a firestorm in the immune system.

Hydroxychloroquine + zinc was well known in February and March that it worked as a treatment, so there was no reason for the lockdown. What we should have done was quarantined the elderly and the vulnerable, and boosted their immune system with zinc and vitamins.

A main reason for censorship is to keep them from being exposed for the damage they did from the lockdowns.

Big Pharma did two HCQ studies mostly without zinc for patients only who were already in intensive care, the Lancet and Veteran papers. HCQ has been on the essential medicine list for 55 or 60 years as being safe and effective. It’s unethical to give it without zinc, because it can’t possibly work. The studies were designed unethically.

There is no data behind the using of masks, which make people sick. She will not use a mask. It doesn’t transmit through the air. If person coughs, he/she should cover their mouth.

1:27:10 How to boost one’s immune system: Avoid stress (fear and loneliness from the lockdowns). Vitamins D, C and zinc are the most important. Also vitamin A and selenium.

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