Facebook bans ALL Brighteon videos — All Brighteon.com links will not post on Facebook!

I just heard Brother Nathanael say in his latest Jeff Rense appearance that the entire Brighteon (dot) com video platform has been banned by Facebook. I tried just now to post even the most mild Brighteon videos, like “Wild Food Foraging- Pine Needle Tea,” and Facebook won’t let it load to be posted.

This is not a good sign of what’s to come. What else will Facebook ban, while allowing the most violent, racist videos to be livestreamed and posted, hatred of whites to the max, but ban an entire video platform that has a high percentage of excellent content that no one would object to.

Mike Adams owns Brighteon, The Health Ranger.

Someone should do a video comparing the extremes of what is banned verses what is allowed on this platform.

Banning Brighteon is disgusting, immoral, and one step too far.

In “Brighteon DOUBLES DOWN on free speech, under FACEBOOK censorship attack,” posted two weeks ago, Mike Adams explains that Facebook gave Mike an ultimatum: remove the ‘Plandemic’ videos to not be banned, which Mike refuses to do. “Plandemic” exposes Big Pharma’s handling of the covid-19 event through lies and misinformation, destroying many lives in the process.

The globalists don’t want anything to stop their vaccine-everyone mandate, so they censor an entire video platform that tells the truth about vaccines!

Mike says he’s now releasing his moderators to relax their free speech standards, so almost anything but porn can now be aired on Brighteon. Maybe that will save him some money too. He says their biggest cost now is bandwidth, and Brighteon loses money, which he has to then get from his Health Ranger store.

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