(vid) The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda: Exposing The Dangerous Truth Of Big-Pharma’s Master Plan – Del Bigtree – London Real

One of the best videos I’ve seen on vaccines! Excellent covid-19 truth also!


Those who have illnesses aren’t tested in the trials to see how the vaccine will affect those who are not perfectly healthy, those most likely to get vaccine injured

• Vaccine testing does not use double-blind studies to compare the vaccinated with a placebo group

Human fetal cell tissue is on vaccines, and how we know that

Vaccines can make people overreact to the illness. People have already died in the covid-19 vaccine trials


“I think we’re all in a dream state right now. It feels like some ‘snow day,’ stay-at-home’ day. When people start realizing that my job really is not there. … You’re going to see the tone and energy of this discussion shift. And as more an more people wake up to the fact that this was only a 0.26% death rate; even though, my news was telling me otherwise, they can’t censor us enough.”

“You ruin the trust of a nation by overstating it like this.”

WATCH HERE — Requires free registration • multiple playback speeds available!

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