David Icke: People’s fear of death empowers the doctors — Why so many acquiesce!

Why so many are easily manipulated through Covid:

From Part 2:

“We need to get over the fear of death.”

“When you look at the fear of death, this is where the power of doctors comes from. … When we lose this fear of death, so many other fears disappear. … If we are going to go on thinking ‘I must do anything to stay alive,’ then we’re just going to hand our power to anybody we think will help us achieve that.”

“Masks make you faceless.”

“..dismantling the psychological stability of the human race.”

From Part 3:

“The cause of human control throughout history is human acquiescence of the many to the few.”

David Icke Talks The Deep State’s Agenda & The Capital Protests in DC (Part 2)


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