Forrest Dunbar follows ‘tikkun olam’ — Talmudic destruction of Christianity

What Forrest Dunbar revealed last night explains a lot!

First, a definition:

* ‘Tikkun olam’the power of organized world Jewry—an elite and focused minority of Jews largely operating under the direction of ADL/B’nai B’rith International. This aggressive and powerful minority is intent on fulfilling their Talmudic religious mandate to “repair the universe” (tikkun olam) through worldwide control and destruction of Christianity….Ted Pike

Quotes from “Anchorage Votes: A Conversation with Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar”, 4/28/21:

Forest Dunbar @ 57:29:

“I happen to be a member of the Jewish faith. And there is a principle in Judaism called ‘tikkun olam,’* or ‘to repair the world,’ to make the world a better place that when you found it. That is what has motivated me to try to serve the people of Anchorage.”

Dave Bronson @ 58:33 & 1:01:10:

“Last summer, I went to an [Anchorage] assembly meeting and I saw Mr. Dunbar say something — and he’s the motivating influence of why I’m here. He said something from the dais that really triggered me, something as a military veteran. He said that ‘the Constitution is shot through with racism.’

Covid didn’t hurt this city; you did. Your policies and the shutdown is what hurt this city. We can go to South Dakota, where they don’t have this problem.”

Earlier, Anchorage Assembly-woman Jamie Allard said about Dunbar:

“He has been leading the charge on the Assembly, and has put us in this predicament [Covid lockdowns and mandates].”

Susanne Downing wrote in MustReadAlaska, The man to beat for mayor of Anchorage: Forrest Dunbar:

Dunbar is a liberal’s liberal. Three years ago, he, John-Henry Heckendorn of the Ship Creek Group, and Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins were credited by Politico for turning “a red state purple, by getting candidates to shape-shift as moderates and registering some as “nonpartisans” in conservative districts.

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