Dan Fagan: People become ‘woke’ to boost their self-esteem – ‘saviors of mankind deconstructing’ — Disabling those who make good decisions, enabling those who make bad decisions

Dan Fagan Show 7/20/2021 (audio below). ‘Woke’ analysis starts at 20:25:

Dan explains why ‘woke’ is popular among leftists because it’s how many people are now getting their self worth, through virtue signaling, believing they’re championing for the woke causes. Leftism gives people a sense of purpose, even if what they’re championing is often not virtuous.

“Most leftists appoint themselves savior of mankind, crusaders for the oppressed. Typically, people who are left don’t believe in the existence of God. So there’s an emptiness there in their lives, and they have to fill it, and that’s how they fill it, by appointing themselves savior. And they come up with these crazy policies to destroy the lives of those who make good decisions, and to enable the lives of those who make bad decisions.”

Fagan quotes openly LGBT Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera, who says he’s deconstructing America’s systems. Dan quotes from Alaska Watchman’s article, Anchorage Assemblyman Rivera takes aim at white males in public office:

“It really takes a mindset of accountability and a mindset that this is going to be a priority – that every day I’m going to think about equity, I’m going to think about justice, I’m going to think about how our systems are built and what we can do to deconstruct them.”

Also covered:

Opening segment: “The media has always been liberal, but they’ve never been so deceptive.”

12:45 Gay Pride Parade in NYC cancelled because they say they don’t have enough non-white people in the group.

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