A Physicians Take on New Mask Mandates & Vaccines — ‘Nobody’s talking about boosting your vitamin D level’ – Dr. Jeffrey Barke

MORE TRUTH from articulate, wise and bold Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a champion from almost day #1 of last year!

13:35 “Why aren’t we talking about the importance of measuring and boosting your vitamin D level? We know there’s a direct correlation between poor outcome with Covid and low vitamin D level. Nobody’s talking about that.”

14:15 “There’s been over 100 new billionaires created in the vaccine industry as a result of these vaccines. … It’s a perfect business model. I’m free from liability…” government funds the research, taxes pay for the vaxxes with taxes….

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July 30th, 2021

The Highwire with Del Bigtree

America’s Frontline Doctor, Jeff Barke, MD, joins Del to discuss the science and studies behind the dangers of reinstating mask mandates, particularly in schools.

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