(video) Nick Begich II: ‘Greedy, Selfish, Corrupt’ Providence Hospital takes $millions out of Alaska as non-profit 501(c)3!

Starting at 34:15:

“Here in Anchorage, we have the good sisters of Providence, the Catholic charities of Providence Hospital, a national chain. I’m picking on them because they are a greedy, selfish organization that I resent on such deep levels for what they’ve done in my state.” … They’re taking up to $100 million a year in profits out of Alaska per year, and in Alaska, we have the highest medical insurance cost in the world. … This non-profit hospital and its chain, when Covid began had over $100 billion in their cash reserves. … Then they took $573 million of yours and my tax money to add to that reserve during Covid. … Is that right? They’re a non-profit 501(c)(3) doing charitable work, but they don’t pay a penny in taxes. … This is a corrupt operation.”

Non-profit laws need to be changed. EKGs 10 times more expensive here than in the Mayo Clinic. Prices should be posted. In some countries, they can tell us how much a surgery will cost. Not here. Billing codes.

Start at 34:18

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