Dr. Ryan Cole’s 3 Minutes ‘Vitamin D the Key’ (Alaska): “Chance of getting Covid is next to zero if your level is above 50, and your severity, if you do get it is next to zero”

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke in Anchorage, Alaska on 10/30/21 at the Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit. I transcribed these words:

“If you get your vitamin D level above 50 it is next to impossible to develop a cytokine storm. What do people die from in this disease? Inflammation — that cytokine storm….

dminder app shows Alaskans in Anchorage can’t get vitamin D from the sun for the next 5 months [November -March] because of the low sun level. “So if you’re not taking vitamin D for the next 5 months you are immune suppressed, period… end of story.”

If your vitamin D level goes up, you cut your cardiac death risk, all-mortality risk and cancer risk.

Huge studies have been done; hundreds of thousands of patients.”

“And if your level is above 50, your chance of getting Covid is next to zero, and your severity, if you do get it is next to zero.”

Watch here at 4:06:40:

Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit (Afternoon Session)

Saturday, October 30th 2021, 1:00pm – 5:00pm

• • •

4:16:15 “And vitamin D,” I yelled.

Why aren’t all frontline doctors telling the truth about D? A friend of mine wrote: “I think that there is probably a hint of pride around the vitamin D. “Doctor with thirty years of training discovers vitamin D just made him irrelevant.” Possibly…

Dr. Cole is more concerned about wellness than money:

3:55:50 “My job as a physician, if I do my job right, is to put myself out of business because I made you well enough. I taught you well enough to be well enough.”

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