Dustin Sherman w/ Michael Hanifen DC – Forgotten Freedoms episode 13

On this Episode Doctor Michael Hanifen and myself discuss the changing political landscape in Anchorage. With covid in the mix, it’s anybody’s guess as to what we will see next.

4:30 Studies show that people with low vitamin D levels had bad Covid outcomes

8:50 Covid affected Black and Brown communities more because dark skin protects body from the rays that produce vitamin D, and nobody is talking about it! Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media claim to care about Black lives, then don’t say a word to the Blacks about the need to take vitamin D at all for Covid. Blacks have died at twice the rate of Whites with Covid. Almost all of the Whites who died were severely vitamin D deficient also.

Podcast Version – Called Episode 12


Forgotten Freedoms episode 13

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