MAKE 1984 FICTION AGAIN! 6 doublespeak terms reinterpreted by JP Sears

“‘Give up your freedoms for your protection’ is doublespeak for ‘give up your freedoms so you’re not protected from us.'”

“‘Censoring to save democracy’ is doublespeak for ‘censoring to destroy democracy.'”

“‘Racial equity’ is doublespeak for ‘racism.'”
“Racism = Division, and a divided society is a controllable society.”

“‘Misinformation’ is doublespeak for ‘truth.'” The thought police, labeling things as ‘misinformation’ protects them from you being empowered by truth.”

“‘Conspiracy theories’ are doublespeak for ‘reality.'” ‘We can use that on any truth we don’t want people to believe.’

“‘Go to war to create peace’ is doublespeak for ‘go to war to eliminate peace.'”