Dr. Anne Zink admits Pharma lied about opioids, yet pushes lied about Covid shots

Anne Zink at 57:20:

“We were blatantly lied to by pharmaceutical companies for a long time in that space. We as clinicians need to own that responsibility and make sure that we’re being really careful about everything and anything we prescribe.”

So Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink learned nothing from the opioid scam. She still pushes the lied about Covid jabs.

@ 1hr 2min, Anne Zink recalls Covid patients “dying all around you” in Alaska’s hospitals, which only happened because no one was told the truth about high enough vitamin D levels (above 50 ng/ml), and the treatments that worked (including fast acting D) which weren’t used in our hospitals.

Anne Zink – Episode 274

Jeff was joined by Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink. They discuss her job as an emergency room doctor in the Mat-Su, her high approval rating during COVID, how her friend Heidi Hedberg was just been appointed Health commissioner by Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska), the importance of getting a yearly physical, the medical equipment that every business should have, the rise in overdoes deaths, how a mini stroke she had years ago led to the discovery of a heart condition, the opioid issue in medicine, and what has been known as the tripledemic.