Is Silk saying Diamond died from vaccine shedding? | Could also be copper deficiency from taking zinc w/o copper for too long

Update on: Did Diamond take the vaccine? Silk Recalls Diamond’s Death

I’ve been saying for a long time that we have to be VERY careful not tot take large amounts of zinc for a long period (without taking enough copper also), because it can cause a copper deficiency, which can reduce skin elasticity and blow out the heart. I eat oysters a few times per week instead, which has copper, zinc, and other minerals.

So Diamond could have died from a copper deficiency, like Dr. Berg and Dr. Wallach explain in these videos.

Dr. Berg: Too Much Zinc Causes a Copper Deficiency

Dr. Joel Wallach is famous for his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” lectures, where he tells how doctors live almost 10 years less than the average person, dying from simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially low copper:

Dr. Wallach on Copper and Aneurysms

In today’s 8-minute video on Damar Hamlin, An0maly now says Silk seems to be saying Diamond didn’t take the jab, but got the mRNA spike protein from someone else via SHEDDING. Apparently, Silk said this during another part of her speech at the memorial service (2 miu. video linked below), which An0maly didn’t know about until today.

But maybe it wasn’t shedding. Silk may have taken ZINC WITHOUT TAKING COPPER, which many truthers did for a long time (it’s one thing to do this while trying to overcome a cold, quite another to do it for years now).

This 1:40 clip of what Silk said about this during the memorial is quite interesting:


STORY: Silk Hints Diamond Was Killed by mRNA Vaccine Shedding