Anchorage Assembly won’t settle wrongful claims made by Amy Demboski

Assembly won’t settle wrongful claims made by former municipal manager

The Anchorage Assembly debated whether to settle wrongful discharge claims made by former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski. Several of them took turns bashing Mayor Dave Bronson, calling his administration toxic, and some of them said that the $550,000 was just a lot of money.

In the end, on a vote of 8-4, the Assembly decided to let the matter go to court. They were not able to resist the political temptation to have the mayor in court with Demboski during what will be an election year, because due to the slow nature of justice, this case will not be settle before 2024. Such election year drama will likely hurt all conservatives on the ballot, and may doom the mayor’s chances for a second term.

Demboski does not have an actual lawsuit filed yet, because the Bronson Administration asked for the matter to go to mediation, and she agreed.

But now that the Assembly has turned down the amount agreed to by both parties, all of the details that led to her firing will be revealed in court.

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