Mike King’s book: CRASH COURSE: 9-11 INSIDE JOB: Debunking the Official Story in Just 1 Hour

Great. quick overview of Israel’s heavy involvement and other issues, but Mike gets some things wrong. Israel’s reason is not only the Greater Israel Project. As Talmudists, they’re also definitely globalists, believing their superior race will rule over all Gentiles (who have lesser souls) once their ‘messiah’ comes.

He also says the planes could not have gone through the outside steel walls. Researchers have studied this. The mass at that high speed would have been substantial. Many believe the planes were switched in-flight with remote-controlled drones that could have had beefed up wings to withstand the tremendous forces on the planes at low altitude at such high speeds.

Also, the towers’ walls were put together in small sections with bolts. So the bolts are probably what gave way.

Many people saw the planes hit the towers with their own eyes, along with being recorded in video from multiple angles.

Starts at Minute-1:44:30

Crash Course: 911 Inside Job – John B Wells LIVE