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Dr. Jerome Corsi: Soros & Obama Creating Artificial Scarcity in Oil, Coal and The North American Union Today — Unions Fund Obama No Matter What

[youtube=]Dr. Jerome Corsi: Soros & Obama Creating Artificial Scarcity in Oil, Coal and The NAU Today 1/2

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Alex welcomes Jerome Corsi back to the show. Corsi is best-known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command. He is also a journalist for the alternative news websites WorldNetDaily and Human Events.


Vicente Fox Admits Amero & North American Union on Larry King – 10/8/07

KING: E-mail from…New Jersey. “Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?”

FOX: Long term, very long term. What we propose together, President Bush and myself, it’s ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas. And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came. He decided to isolate himself. He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea…

KING: It’s going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?

FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.


[youtube=]Vicente Fox admits it – North American Union

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The Amero on CNBC: “The Amero is the Proposed New Currency for the North American Community” – 11/27/06




Skousen: Mexican Meddling in US Internal Affairs

World Affairs Brief, January 25, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief


In a memo From VDARE, a commentary site on Latin America, Allan Wall writes, “Article 41 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations states that ‘it is the duty of all persons enjoying such privileges and immunities (diplomats) to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State.’ Mexico is a stickler for enforcing the Vienna Convention in its own territory. But when it comes to Mexican diplomats in the United States, they constantly meddle in U.S. internal politics as it relates to immigration. And our own government allows it [and encourages it].” In a recent speech Mexican President Calderon berated Mexican diplomats for not being more aggressive in intervening on behalf of every jailed Mexican–especially illegal immigrants. Mexican historian and journalist Lorenzo Meyer quotes Calderon as saying, “it’s extremely important that Mexicans are able to continue migrating—-it’s the country’s escape valve. There’s no other way Mexico can produce enough jobs for all its working-age residents.” Nonsense. The problem in Mexico is corruption and over-regulation, not lack of business opportunities.

Calderon and George Bush both subscribe to a globalist agenda. Both endorse secret policies that foment a clash of cultures in the US so that increasing conflict will justify forging a North American Union as the “solution.” That’s the real reason why the administration doesn’t live up to its promises to secure the border.

Mexico City starts grope-free buses for women

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico City has started a women-only bus service to protect female passengers from groping and verbal abuse common on the city’s packed public transportation system.

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Skousen: Evidence of Government Collusion in Drug Running

World Affairs Brief, February 21, 2003 Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief.

One of the most obvious contradictions in the Bush administration’s claims to ensure Homeland Security is the government’s consistent refusal to shut down illegal immigration and drug running between Mexico and the US. DEA, INS and Homeland Security officials give hundreds of technical excuses for why they don’t have the resources or the political will to do what is necessary, but these are, I’m convinced, simply cover stories and lies.

There are tens of federal whistleblowers who tell a completely different story: that federal employees in these agencies are given direct and indirect orders by their superiors not to surveil selective areas or prosecute certain individuals. These whistleblowers also attest that when employees complain about these restrictions to higher officials in Washington, the cover-ups and stonewalling intensify. In other words, the problem is not that of a few rogue agents corrupted by bribes, as the Bush administration would have us believe. The problem is at the top, where systematic collusion is managed and covered up.

In this briefing, I will attempt to give my readers an overview of how the system works, why there is official collusion at high levels and what the ultimate purposes are. As to the specific evidence, there are numerous books and websites detailing examples of corruption and collusion by officials in the US and Mexico. Since I do not have the space to detail all of this evidence I will give you some samples plus specific references for further study. I encourage you to read enough of these accounts to understand the magnitude of the problem, keeping in mind that these stories represent only the tip of the iceberg.

Evidence of Government Collusion in Drug Running
Both the CIA/DEA and the Mexican government have been deeply involved with drug running for years. The Mexican system operates seamlessly (but compartmentalized) from the President down to border guards. Major participants in the system include the largest political party (PRI), federal and local police forces (where bribery is rampant), and the Mexican military. US Border Patrol agents have been fired upon on various occasions (on the US side of the border) by Mexican military personnel driving US-supplied Hummer all terrain vehicles, whose job it is to clear the path for drug runners crossing remote parts of the US border. Appeals by the DEA to Washington to intervene with Mexico to stop these illegal military intrusions are met with excuses and delay tactics.

Ron Paul Grilled (yet SHINES) on “Meet the Press” 12/23/07

Russert’s Disgusting Affront To Ron Paul, by Jim Kirwan

Watched Ron Paul’s interview this morning on Meet The ‘Press’…

That was ‘interesting’ – I’ve never seen the bullfrog (Russert) quite so determined to destroy anything.

He did not refer to Paul as a ‘dark horse’ or even a ‘long shot’ – but he did try to use Paul’s very long record of public service to try and destroy Paul’s credibility.

Russert didn’t smile, didn’t look into the camera, just read his little digs into the interview in rapid fire-succession. Mostly, Paul was not allowed to even finish his own sentences – the exact opposite of Russert’s interviews with insiders…where Russert finishes their sentences for them with a huge grin.

Still, Ron held his own, and then some. … Russet went back to the 1980’s for “background” on Paul’s positions (fully half of which were either outright lies or bruising half-truths) – something no other candidate will ever be threatened with, much less have to explain. …


Excerpts from:

‘Meet the Press’ transcript for Dec. 23, 2007

MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Sunday: Our Meet the Candidates 2008 series continues, an exclusive interview with Republican Ron Paul. He has served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years. In 1988 he was the Libertarian Party candidate for president. Since October he has raised nearly $19 million. That is more than any other Republican candidate for president. Our guest, Dr. Ron Paul.




[video] CNN/Lou Dobbs: Will North American Union Replace the U.S.A.?


“The Bush administration’s open-borders policy and its decision to ignore the enforcement of this country’s immigration laws is part of a broader agenda. President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it, and he took the step without approval from either the U.S. Congress or the people of the United States.”



[video] CNN/Lou Dobbs: The NAFTA Super Highway


Video: CNN vs CNN – Flip Flopping on NAFTA / NAU


Doublespeak on the NAFTA Corridor/Superhighway–Manitoba


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