Wow! I listened to the author of Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton interviewed on Coast to Coast AM, dumbfounded, wondering that if vets like my own father had known in the ’50s and ’60s that our own government (the intelligence agency before the CIA, the OSS) intentionally had General Patton killed, would the United States of America be in the dire situation it’s in today?

Had only this important revelation come out earlier, America may still be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The author, Robert K. Wilcox, stated that our government with the media had painted a rosy picture of Russia, so most Americans didn’t know of Stalin’s atrocities and the Gulags. Among other things, Patton wanted to drive Russia out of Eastern Europe, and apparently, he was going to blow the whistle about the thousands of POWs that Robert thinks ended up dying in these very Gulags.

Patton’s popularity was huge in the US. He could have easily swayed American opinion against Stalin, so our own government decided to take this “loose canon” out, possibly in collusion with Russia.

This is a great interview!

From the Inside Flap of Target: Patton”:

He was the most controversial American general in World War II–and also one of the most successful, courageous, and audacious. As a post-war administrator of defeated Germany, he sounded alarm bells about the dangers of Soviet encroachment into Europe. Politically, he was a lightning rod–an outspoken conservative who continually embarrassed his superiors with his uncensored, undiplomatic, and unrestrained comments to the press. He was General George S. Patton Jr., old Blood and Guts.

In 1945, shortly before he was to fly home to the states as a conquering hero, he was involved in a mysterious car crash that left him partially paralyzed.

Two weeks later, just as his doctors were about to send him home to finish his recovery, he was dead.

The army ruled the car crash an accident, his death natural. Yet witness testimony on the crash conflicted, key players in the incident disappeared, official reports vanished, soldiers were ordered to keep silent, and there was no autopsy performed on the body.

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