Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? Alaska’s TV cable monopoly GCI drops TruTV before the landmark 7-part “Conspiracy Theory” series completely airs!

[UPDATE: see comment #3, below]


I asked a number of GCI subscribers, today, if they ever remember GCI dropping a channel. No one could think of any.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, but also, the timing is highly suspect, and it sure is strange to see only 1 gap between channels 1 and 51. There no longer is a channel 29, which was TruTV just a few days ago.

After part 1 did air, Jesse Ventura (host of “Conspiracy Theory”) lost a gentleman’s bet, because he didn’t think the series would actually be broadcast, because of what the episodes reveal. But I wonder if he had thought that cable companies would pull the plug on the entire channel! GCI’s official statement doesn’t make sense [underlining, my emphasis]:

Programming Update Unfortunately, GCI’s negotiations for a contract renewal with Tru TV have ended with a less satisfactory outcome.  Effective January 1, 2010, Tru TV will no longer be available on channel 29 (or channel 40 in Fort Greely.)   Similar programming is available on the following networks (channels):  E! (27), TNT (31), TLC (55), History (58), A&E (59), Oxygen (80), Bravo (83), Investigation Discovery (106), Biography (203), & History International (204.)

For example, only one of these ‘similar’ channels even aired one program that in part questioned the official 9/11 story. And then they mocked the 9/11 experts who were promised this wouldn’t be a hit-piece. Jesse’s series was the first since 9/11 to present this side of the issue fairly.

It costs TruTV almost nothing to send their signal to another community. It’s win-win for them. Why are they the only channel dropped by GCI — and before this important and totally rare series has been allowed to completely run, along with the many reruns?

Amazing coincidence or conspiracy?


What GCI cable TV subscribers couldn’t watch on TV: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Episode 6 – ‘Manchurian Candidate’: Sanctioned murder by the U.S. government through trauma-based mind-control victims!

“Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura — All 7 Episodes

Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” Series on TruTV starts TOMORROW (12/2) — topic is the HAARP project in Alaska

15 thoughts on “Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? Alaska’s TV cable monopoly GCI drops TruTV before the landmark 7-part “Conspiracy Theory” series completely airs!

  1. Conspiracy Leader

    So, let me get this right; GCI is in league to make sure that only Alaskan’s that have Television through GCI (not directTV, or Satellite customers), and don’t have the internet (or don’t know how to use it) won’t be able to discover this amazingly true set of conspiracies?

    By they way; you’re grammar is terribly incorrect.

  2. to good to be true

    GCI has a 45 percent share of the state’s long-distance market, and is the state’s largest provider of Internet services with dial-up, cable modem, wireless, digital subscriber line (DSL) and dedicated access. Its cable television services pass 90 percent of the state’s households with 65 percent penetration. Digital cable and cable modem service is available to 90 percent of its subscribers. The company offers facilities-based local telephone services in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, and has obtained a 20 percent statewide market share.

    GCI’s services are connected through company-owned fiber optic, satellite and metropolitan area network facilities to the lower 48 states. This broadband platform is the only one of its kind in Alaska and allows the company to provide customized services to the Alaska market.

    There are other ways to get information, but they were bankrolled by someone to become the best in the biz. So even though we have Whistleblower shows like this one, there will still be a censorship over Americans outside the hands of us bloggers. I’m surprised we’ve been able to see as many episodes as we have.

  3. Jeff Fenske

    Dear to[o] good to be true,

    Thank you for your fact-filled summary! It would be interesting to know who really owns them and what the story is behind the undersea, fiber optic cable that they have rights to.

    And Conspiracy Leader,

    Satellite dishes are problematic up here for many reasons. They have to be large sized, and angled just slightly above horizontal, for starters. Only a small percentage of homes have them.

    Dish Network is a viable alternative, but it won’t work for everyone, and it came late in the game — long after GCI had already enticed many into its packaged deal with free internet.

    And to everyone,

    I spoke with a Dish Network subscriber, who says they’ve gotten notices that TruTV might be dropped by them too — but I can’t find this online. He thinks a marketing company is peddling the channel for an inflated price.

    If this is the case, why would they do that except to sabotage the channel because they dared air this series that dares to explain what is really going on.

    This last episode, “Manchurian Candidate” (linked above, which I could only watch online) is my current favorite. This explains so much: like the underwear bomber who just so happens to pull his stunt right when the full-body scanners were scheduled to be installed in US airports, but the public was reluctant to be seen virtually naked for increased safety (even though many say that these scanners wouldn’t have detected his Fruit of the Boom bomb anyway.


  4. Jeff Fenske


    I don’t see any problem with too good to be true’s usage of the term whistleblower.

    Aren’t we a “body of people?” (from your definition)

    And isn’t this what this show is doing:

    The term whistleblower derives from the practice of English bobbies (policemen), who would blow their whistles when they noticed the commission of a crime. The whistle would alert other law enforcement officers and the general public of danger. (from Wikipedia)

    Most terms have more than one meaning and more than one usage.

    Jeff Fenske

  5. Anyone interested in seeing this craptastic show can view it online.
    GCI was not interested in this show, but the channel as a whole.

    WHAT?! THEY DONT HAVE TEH ANIME NETWORK!! GCI HATES JAPANZ!!11!.. yeah. makes about as much sense as what you’re saying.

    An agreement for contract renewel could not be reached, so they dropped the channel.
    Thats it.

    /tinfoil hat

  6. Jeff Fenske

    Dear urdumb,

    I don’t think I am, by the way. I’m just posing a question that needs to be asked. The timing here is just too suspicious, especially considering what these programs finally reveal; though, GCI says all of this programming can be found on their other channels.

    The representative at GCI reiterated this false claim when I spoke with him yesterday. He also said that GCI has dropped channels before, but couldn’t name any. So if they really have dropped channels before it’s been very rare.

    He also said that GCI does have sole usership of the undersea fiber optic cable to the lower-48. Who knows who their owners really are, Bilderbers, perhaps. That’s Episode 5, but the way.

    urdumb, did you even watch the episodes? And did you see my comment #3? I’ve heard that Comcast may be involved. It’s possible that the company selling the channel is fixing the price so high so it’s dropped.

    Do your research. “You won’t believe what you don’t know.”

    We’re giving our country away!


  7. Hmm

    GCI actualy was still after the contract with trutv,and they finally negotiated an agreement.
    as of 1/15/10 the channel has been returned to the line up and the programing aired on this chennel will be available via video on demand as well, through the guide information is still updating as of today.

  8. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Hmm,

    That is good to know. Thanks for posting.

    I’m still interested to know which side was holding up the deal while many missed the last shows of the series.

    I do know that GCI received a lot of phone calls, complaining. Perhaps this helped. And by the way, the guide information is still not updated.

    I did check yesterday on TruTV’s site. There weren’t any ‘Conspiracy Theory’ reruns listed. So sadly, many Alaskans will never see Episode 6, “Manchurian Candidate.”

    Episode 2, “9/11,” was probably the most important for Americans to watch (though I wish it had been more air tight by interviewing more of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth experts), but “Manchurian Candidate” helps us see how the CIA pulls off their black-ops assassinations all over the world, including right here. These mind-controlled victims do a lot more too.

    Like the underwear (Fruit of the Boom) bomber. Is it just a coincidence that he just happened to do this just as the ‘naked’ full-body scanners were about to be installed in our airports? He could easily be a mind-controlled patsy, triggered to bring about another Problem > Reaction > Solution event.

    They present the problem (9/11 or the underwear bomber) >

    The people react in fear: present us with your solution >

    And they gladly give us their police-state solutions that is destroying our once, great Republic — “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    So we are now becoming the land of the slaves and the home of the cowards.

    So sad!

    But “we won’t believe what we don’t know.”

    Most Americans still don’t know how they’re doing it to us.

    This was a great series — the only time I’ve watched TruTV. I’d still like to know what happened in those GCI/TruTV (or whoever was the party involved setting the price for TruTV) meetings — if anyone does know.

    Jesse Ventura said on The Alex Jones Show that he wanted to be able to historically show future generations that at least the truth was brought out in this one TV series. However, there may not be many future generations the way things are going because Americans won’t believe what they don’t know. And most still too fully buy what the mainstream media is spitting out.

    FOX News is the king of right-wing propaganda. Millions of people on the ‘right’ actually think Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck can be trusted when they make sure the people will not here the truth about what really happened on 9/11, what the CIA is really up to, and etc. and etc. … .

    It’s pretty sad to see the fall of America largely due to a media blackout on truth.

    “You won’t believe what you don’t know.”

    Jeff Fenske

  9. Anonymous

    Jesse you may be a godsend. You wanted a wistle blower and I needed desperately to find someone non-corrupted by what is happening here to help me do something about it. There is a very high probability that you have stumbled upon a conspiracy far more massive than you could have imagined. I still live in desperate hope that the evidence I have collected is strictly circumstantial and that things are not what they seem. That said I am about to reveal to you chilling facts I have recently, (out of horrifying neccessity), discovered about Alaska and, quite possibly, about myself.
    Experiences over the last two years have led me to research what was happenning to, (and being done), to me. I discovered through research that, more likely than not, I have been the victem of an increadibly vicious and insidious psychological warfare campaign. This was a disturbing discovery as my childhood was nothing like anyone else I have ever known. My biological father claims to work for the CIA. As if that isnt unusual enough I was adopted by his sister through fraudulant means when I was a baby. I was able to read the newspaper by the age of two and underwent rigerous psychological and intelligence testing throughout my entire childhood. At the age of five I was removed from my class with a handful of other children and taken to a facility where we were taught to fall from over 1 story heights without injury. That was in Oregan. I was subjected to traumas so vile, (I will not reveal them in this forum), over the next couple of years. Upon returning to Alaska I was immediately placed in a program called p.a.c.t. ;
    The Program for the Achedemically and creatively talented. by fourth grade I had an IQ of 136 and was picked up from my school and, (along with a couple other children from other schools), taken to a secondary location where we worked on fighter plane designs, on computers, twice weekly. That was 1983. We moved to the country that year where the program was “not active” but where in fifth grade a man came to our school and taught me lethal killing manuevers. By the age of eleven I had the knowledge of how to kill a grown man five different ways with one hand. I was subject to the military fittness testing every year throughout my 12 years of school as a child. I seemed to have super human strength and speed. I got the Presidential Physical fitness award six times and broke the mans’ record for the military fitness challenge. I am, by the way, female. I played in numerous sports and when I gold-medaled in one I was immediately pulled out of all sports and told I was too gravely ill to attend more than half days my senior year. I had to report to the nurse, daily, to have my pulse rate monitored despite that my doctors affirmed that I seemed perfectly healthy. Irregardless I graduated with six extra credits and now in my late thirties have an IQ of 149. There are a great many more strange things about my childhood and life since, I could tell you, if you choose to contact me, but as this information may be bizzarly cooincidental I am going to tell you the critical information you, and America, need to know.
    I have told you this back ground information so that you will understand when I tell you there is a great chance I have been the subject of psychological experimentation my entire life. In researching I discovered that many such experiments were conducted here and across the U.S., on children, starting in the seventies. Currently there are several individuals being experimented on, as we speak, here in Alaska which I was able to find, (and you will be able to confirm), surfing the internet. Mind you I was not aware of this until I began researching what was being done to me over the last couple years of living hell. Worse I believe there is a terrible liklihood, (as I was set up in exactly the scenario required to “puppet” a person that you described in your documentary), that not only are the mkultra experiments still being run but that they are actually being used on civillians. Even worse it is now likely that if I am one of these subjects and that I have been scheduled for termination and that many have died under similarly false pretences before me.
    I was taken to the Denali district here by my most trusted loved one and given a beverage at a strange restaurant that destroyed my stomache lining in a single sip. The pain was absolutely excrutiating and my companion would not let me leave until we could pull out behind a state trooper; a red pickup truck, having left the same resaurant, was in front of us and behind the officer. It was memorial day and an elderly couple was weeping as we left one saying “it isnt right killing women this way”. I thought it was a war reference. As our bizzarre caravan procceded to travel 45 mph on a sunny day in a 65 zone the woman in the passenger seat in the pickup in front of us suddenly convulsed and slumped at an unnatural ange to the side where she remained for the next couple hours that she was directly in my view. She never moved again; neither the driver of my vehicle, the one in front of us, or the officer seemed the least bit concerned. I was writhing in agony and absolutely terrorized and after the two afore mentioned hours when the pain began to pass my companion pulled us out of the caravan and sat on the side of the road for a while before resuming our trip home.
    I had been treated, by my closest people prior to that, as if I were a criminal which to the best of my knowledge I am an extremely moral and upstanding citizen… I’ve never had so much as a traffic ticket. So I researched on the internet and discovered it is legal, in Alaska, to kill people for crimes, (in the Denali district), that no one would die for anywhere else in America. Senator Mark Begich has, apparently, been fighting this corrupt legislation for years. You can imagine my horror but the nightmare had only just began.
    Since then people have made countless jokes about my impending demise and I discovered that if I set down a drink and came back to it that the pain and pressure a single drink inflicted was beyond excrutiating. I became chronically dehydrated and my lips would crack and bleed no matter the amount of water I drank. I had the same reaction to food I was given and several times, assuming I was allergic, gave it to my dog and watched her fall critically ill. I switched drinks with the only companion with me when it happenned a few times and watched him fall criticall ill. Finally I poured what should have been just a bottle of water into a plant and watched it die overnight. At one point the level of toxin in my blood was so high I had developed encephalitis so severe fluid pouches formed on the sides of my skull. I hate to say it but all signs point to the possiblility that the people I love most in life may be slowly torture-murdering me misguidedly believing they are doing the right thing.
    I have an mri disc that I think you better see. Please help me and god forgive me if im wrong but you can check my facts yourself. I think they are running terrible experiments on civilians here and the only logical reason we would have a secret death penalty done in a sinister, inhumane, and sneaky manner for crimes the lower 48 would never support killing people for is to cover up what they are doing to us. There is no other logical solution. Now that you know what is very likely the sad and horrible truth you will surely understand why they dont want your documentary to air here.
    Please contact me Jessie you may truly be my, and so many faceless others, only hope of survival.
    God bless you for reading this even if you just think I’m some nut; but I beg you research what I’ve told you. I had to dig deep but every time one of these sick Hitler-like horrors was visited upon me I researched to assure myself how ridiculous such a possiblility could even be and discovered it was quite real and happenning to slaves, (human guinnea pigs), like me all over this state.
    —–Hoping to save my children if it is already too late for me.
    p.s. my emails are being blocked unless Im online at the time so if you don’t get through
    please keep trying. I pray to god im wrong and this is all a sick prank.

  10. Anonymous

    annonymous in alaska… ive left you my email if you want more information on what ive told you and I would feel safer if you had my evidence.

  11. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Anonymous in Alaska,

    I’m the poster of this article, and this is my website. Your story is very heavy. I hope you find people who will help you overcome.

    It probably isn’t likely that Jesse will read this, unless someone refers him to this. And Jesse has said on Alex Jones that he isn’t much of an internet person.

    I really, really like Nick Begich, Mark’s brother who lives in Eagle River. He might be an important person to contact:

    Also, if you want the public to see your email you’d have to add it to the main body of your comment.

    I did feel like Jesse’s mind-control episode was the most important for people to see in order to know what is going on. And it’s too bad for the victims in Alaska, especially that GCI pulled it right before many Alaskans would have seen it.

    Something is fishy here. It would be interesting to know exactly what happened.

    Also, if you’re interested in seeing real Christianity at a group level in Alaska, I believe this will soon happen, which I’ll occasionally talk about at my other site: ONEcanhappen. When the real thing happens, I’ll be letting everyone know there. And there should be talk about it all over Alaska, even the world — if what I think will happen does.

    Everyone, please pray that people get right with the people they’ve hurt. People who hurt people are in big trouble with God until they repent and get it right. This is serious.

    And the only way Alaska will be a safe place during what’s coming in America will be if we have real Christianity, actually doing the greatest two commandments. Not lip service.

    Thanks so much, Anonymous.

    God bless!

    Jeff Fenske
    Anchorage, Alaska

  12. John Reed

    You know as far as i can tell from living in alaska, the internet is slow and undepenedable such as while playing Halo3 online there is lag, which GCI says that they gives us good internet, and when we play online its all laggy and bouncey on people in same place so why is that? u know even today they are talking about getting a cable from anchorage just give us good internet. and i had asked a few people on what they think it would do or happen, and most of them said that it wouldnt really happen because people who are wanting to do this is going to end up just giving up. now if people really want good internet and good price well damn just go with someone else with such as Hue’s Net or even sat. Tv or Direct Tv or something shit like that but hell who would want to be out there in the wilderness just laying down fiber Optic cables just so western alaska can have better internet. but oh well even if i end up moving to Anchorage it would still be lag but not as much as here in bethel, living in bethel has tis fucked up GCI company because they say its a good internet server. but from what i have looked at its all fucked up one way or another. even some of my friends say that GCI is a rip off for bethel. the prices for internet is at about 100 dollars and for tv they are set to 98 dollars still a big difference from down in lower 48 because down there they are paying just about 30-50 dollars just for internet and tv. so tell me this why dose alaska have to be so much and down there so little bit when we are connected to USA? huh?

  13. John Reed

    And for other facts u know for phones or Cell phones here are priced high and the fucked part is that the plans are also fucked up. Now i dont really complain too much about GCI but still GCI should make us pay just for the service we get which is shit. down in the lower 48 they are paying for cell phones at a very low price and still paying a lower price for service, now why in the fucking hell dose alaska have to pay for a small phone and a plan times that by the phone type, times that by the plan and most of the time u’d come out with around 300 to 500 dollars. depending on which plan and which type of phone. some are costing at about 38.99 for a good phone that also comes with a plan but they dont tell you what type of plan they just say oh well fuck it lets give them this crap phone and charge them a whole bunch of money so we can tell our boss that we had done good

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