Jeff Fenske: My Perspective on MOSTLY Real-Historian David Icke | [Don McLean ‘Vincent’ (Starry, Starry Night) music video] Tribute to Real Historian (still living) David Icke: Perhaps They’ll Listen — “…How you tried to set them free. They would not listen, they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will.”

My Perspective on David Icke

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this. Though I don’t agree at all with his outright rejection of Christianity, which I imagine is mostly because he hasn’t seen the real thing yet, I really admire David Icke, and have learned a lot from his real-history teachings, which I’ve followed for about 15 years. And I somewhat regularly visit his News Headlines, which I link to at this site.

David definitely isn’t as grounded as is, for example, Dr. Stanley Monteith, but his perspective is very helpful to understand what is happening around us. And he covers a lot of material Dr. Stan does not.

I personally like to learn from multiple sources in order to see the big picture, and it’s typical that most researchers don’t get everything right. So we have to be careful…. But we also have to be careful to realize that what we learned in history classes in school is really only a small part of the story in order for us to really understand history. In the western society school system (including parochial schools), and through the media, we’ve been brainwashed — no doubt about it. There are huge pieces of the picture that we need to know in order to understand real history and what is really happening around us.

Shape Shifting? David also takes a lot of flack for his theory that the Illuminati rulers are aliens who have been seen shape shifting into someone else, whom he considers their real selves during Satanic rituals. I think their real selves are whom we regularly see, and that shape shifting is a totally real phenomenon that occurs through demonic power among those deeply into the occult, including even some native Americans, etc.. For example, David Hogan, Christian missionary to natives from the Aztec heritage in Mexico and central America experienced some of this firsthand.

Where Dr. Stan and David Icke totally agree is that the Illuminati are deeply into the occult, and therefore are absolutely very evil. And most people are extremely naive about this fact. They can’t believe anyone could be this evil. So the common people are open prey to being manipulated by the global elite through the many ways they control us. They can’t see through the Matrix, which is a metaphor David Icke often skillfully uses. Real historian, G. Edward Griffin also sees the parallel, by the way. The Matrix is a worthwhile (and clean) movie to see.

And speaking of skillful, David Icke is one of the most gifted speakers I know of. He actually packs out auditoriums worldwide for a significant fee. It’s just him speaking along with visuals. I would love to post more of his material, but he often gets off on the idea that Christianity is part of the way the people are manipulated. Perhaps I should post these videos anyway, and just point out that yes, ‘Christianity’ is being used to manipulate the masses, but that isn’t real Christianity — which I believe is THE MAIN REASON why we’re being jacked.

And Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are being used by Satan to deceive many evangelical ‘Christians’ into falling in step with the globalist, New World Order plans. Evangelical ‘Christians’ are particularly vulnerable to manipulation because they know we are supposed to support Israel. I agree, as does Dr. Stan and Joel Skousen, but David Icke does not. But in what way should we support Israel? A blank check and total support for their numerous inhumane atrocities that they commit along with the CIA? No way. We’re just aiding and abetting bullies who often have evil and revenge in their hearts, and who refuse to get right with God and treat their neighbors with respect. They go WAY BEYOND what is legitimate self defense, which is sadly A-OK for most evangelicals, who also can’t wait for US or Israel to nuke Iran — which is why they refuse to support Ron Paul, the real Christian candidate who believes in war only when it’s just. This isn’t what Jesus has in mind in how we are to pray for and support Israel in positive ways that could bring about real change. This isn’t what Jesus is leading people to do, which gets into the definition of what is a Christian — which I discuss in depth at my other main site, ONEcanhappen. Christians and pastors are supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit. Then they could not be manipulated by the Satanically controlled media.

And this is the key issue that David Icke doesn’t understand. He is excellent in researching who are the globalist masters and how they manipulate us, but he is probably willfully ignorant regarding real Christian history and real Christianity, having seen so much abuse in the name of Jesus, I imagine.

Icke reminds me of Kent Hovind, who has done excellent and totally thorough research on science and creationism, but has done very shallow and narrow-minded research on the subject of who goes to heaven, biblically, which he unfortunately also teaches. And people think that Hovind can be trusted in regards to his theology because they know his research into science is so exhaustively right on.

What happens is that researches like Icke and Hovind spend most of their thinking time considering all of the ins and outs of the subjects they are interested in (David Icke has said this), but then they only superficially study another topic and unwisely teach that too, and many will blindly follow them down that rabbit trail of disinformation because they have learned to respect their careful research into their main topic of study, which is so obvious.

So even David Ike and Kent Hovind are deceived, thinking they know it all, when they really only know what they really have carefully researched. So we must be careful. And this is a main reason I also don’t present a lot of Kent Hovind’s material too. I consider once-saved-always-saved (which I discuss a lot at ONEcanhappen) to be at the core of what is deceiving the evangelicals today — a key root cause as to why the church is getting jacked and our countries. And this is what is leaving such a bad taste in David Icke’s mouth when he looks at ‘Christians’ today, who are leading the charge into globalism and police state by supporting the Illuminati’s agenda more than probably any other large group.

And this is why David has pursued other means to enlightenment, which I should also bring up, which includes Shaminism and mind altering drugs. He mentions this one experience, which isn’t that long ago, which I absolutely don’t recommend. I do believe in pursuing God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength though: to learn from and be taught directly by the Holy Spirit, Who really is infinite love. This is what David is looking for. And God is the ultimate source of truth.

So I really like David Icke, and appreciate his research and teaching, his honesty. He is a great example of boldness too. He’ll say what he believes even though he knows he’ll be scoffed at by many. Part of the backlash is because he doesn’t understand Satanism and Christianity as good as he should, but David Icke is clearly an amazing man whom I respect and appreciate a lot! And once real Christianity happens (the Third Great Awakening), which is the main theme of my ONEcanhappen site, I expect to see a big smile on David Icke’s face. And he’ll jump in too into Real Love, Who isn’t behind these grossly immoral wars that hurts His heart so.

What a day that will be. I will be so happy!!!

– Jeff Fenske


My theory on the Nephilim: When God told the Children of Israel to kill every man, woman and child in Canaan (the giants), there was this Genesis-6, demon-contaminated genetic problem again? Israel did not; and then there was intermarriage. This would explain why so many seem to be predisposed towards evil — and they become our leaders — even of churches?!! — This helps us understand the Illuminati, why Christianity has been hijacked, and also why God really is a good God, worthy of being totally trusted and adored!

– –

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they’re not listening still.
Perhaps they never will

* * *


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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win…

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