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[youtube=] Coast to Coast AM – Dec 22 2012 – Big Brother is Watching You C2CAM

Published on Dec 23, 2012
Date: 12-22-12
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Mark Dice

Troublemaker out to expose the abuses of the New World Order, Mark Dice discussed how these sinister forces are using evasive technologies to monitor our every move.

In the second half hour, Dan Johnson, founder of PANDA (People Against the National Defense Act), appeared briefly to comment on the controversial NDAA and its threat to liberty.

News segment guest: Brian Engelman


Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives. He frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world, usually where they just attack him or try to pollute his message hoping to prevent his enlightening truth from getting out.

Several of Mark’s YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC’s The View, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor,, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post’s Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran. He appears in several groundbreaking documentary films including Invisible Empire, and The 9/11 Chronicles, and was featured on the History Channel’s Decoded.