The 2nd Amendment:

“A well regulated* militia,
being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed.”

* * *

“The 2nd Amendment was not about guaranteeing the right to a musket. It was about citizens of a sovereign state matching force with military.”

“The 2nd Amendment was put in place to guarantee the rights of the individual to be equally armed as military, both foreign, and domestic, in the event that the citizenry might actually at some point have to fight their own government.”

“The 2nd Amendment is about making sure the population would not be controlled, dominated or oppressed by a government. … The principle of what [the founders] put in place had nothing with the kind of weapon they were guaranteeing. It was simply about matching force.”

– Ben Swann

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* [The entire point of guaranteeing the freedom to bear arms and be “well regulated” is that the federal government can’t limit or prevent the organization, training, and equipping of a militia. (source)]

* * *

From:… (Fox 19 is independent from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, which is disinformation central)

The discussion over gun control is something making headlines all over the country.

Throughout this week Reality Check has looked at the numbers behind gun control and crime rates.

Tonight, we are looking at the second amendment, the intention behind it and what the founders might think about the gun debate today.

This is a reality check you won’t see anywhere else.

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[youtube=]The Very Politically Incorrect Truth About The Second Amendment


Published on Dec 21, 2012


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