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Date: 12-20-12
Hour: 1
3:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief

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World Affairs Brief, December 21, 2012 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
Newtown Shooting: Anatomy of a Planned Massacre
The Gun Control Agenda
House Tries to Kick the Fiscal Cliff Can Down the Road
Libertarian Solution to Foreign Workers
11 States Where Takers Outnumber Productive Payers
EU Banks Accept Central Administrator
There’s a much darker story to this shooting that goes way beyond the wanton killing of innocent children. It’s the story of dark side operations targeting young, unstable males with mood altering drugs and mind control techniques—and then directing them to kill increasingly younger victims until Congress can be driven to legislate away the uniquely American right to self-defense with guns. This week I’ll cover the contradictions in the multiple versions put out by media and police, and the way mind control operates in combination with dark spiritual forces. Lastly I’ll discuss how there is no solution nor protection against these provoked massacres in gun free zones without removing the restrictions on the right of personal self-defense both inside and outside of school. More gun bans are the last thing we need.
Only a few of the facts in this tragedy are reported consistently—Adam Lanza presumably killed his mother Nancy and then broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT somehow bypassing the new locked-door policy. When it was over 20 young children are dead, ages 10 and under (primarily in two classrooms), plus 6 adults not counting Adam. The mother was erroneously reported as a teacher at the school.
The rest of the story and reported evidence emerging among the news stories varies widely. The facts are complex to piece together because so many news stories contradict themselves. This all paints a clear picture, however, of a systematic cover-up by police spokespersons and media and the real facts point to a larger conspiracy to drum up more gun control laws.
In reality, some of the more innocent reporters in the media often get it right initially, filming and posting interviews of victims, police and bystanders who are too honest and candid, and who haven’t yet been shut down or pressured into denying or changing their story. This happened in Oklahoma City, in the TWA 800 shootdown and during 9/11. When the evidence or statements don’t match the desired outcome the facts start changing or disappearing from the news. Contradictory reports even get taken down from news websites. Here are some glaring examples in this case:
1. The single perpetrator claim. Except for a few honest reports at the beginning, this Newtown incident has been focused on a lone gunman, and yet witness interviews, police radio recordings and videos show 2 to 3 other persons involved and at least two vehicles besides the Lanza car were driven to the school.
A. Police helicopter video shows the pursuit and capture of someone fleeing the scene with a rifle into the woods, who comes out in handcuffs saying “I didn’t do it.” Do what? How did he know kids that were being shot? If you only heard shots, it could have been just teachers or administration? The purpose of armed handlers surrounding the incident is to either increase the body count or just make sure the drugged-up and mind controlled patsy can be eliminated if the suicide programming doesn’t work. They don’t want to take a chance on the shooter being captured. When the drugs wear off, chances are high he would talk about the others who put him up to the crime. That’s the rationale for suicide programming, multiple backup killers, and the subsequent cover-up to get those handlers released.
This is the same thing that happened in the Dunblane, Scotland killing of children in a school: “Like Newtown there were two shooters, Hamilton and a hit-man who shot Hamilton and made it look like Hamilton committed suicide after shooting 16 children, so that he couldn’t be questioned. Hamilton was found in the school gymnasium slumped against a wall and still gurgling, when an off-duty policeman PC Grant McCutcheon entered the gym and saw two semi-automatic pistols, one on either side of Hamilton’s body. [However,] The autopsy revealed that Hamilton was killed with a .38 revolver. These people always slip-up with their crimes. There was no .38 revolver for him to have shot himself with. Thus, there was a second shooter who killed Hamilton.”
B. Police voice recordings at a different time talk about stopping a van and apprehending another person outside the school who is handcuffed and laying prone on the asphalt. The policeman says, “I have the party proned out.”
C. One of the children being interviewed as he comes out of the school says he saw the police with a guy handcuffed on the floor inside the school. That can only mean a couple of things: either Lanza didn’t kill himself; was subsequently taken down, and handcuffed, or there was another shooter inside to make sure Lanza got suicided, and he was taken down. If the person seen handcuffed on the floor was Lanza, that means he was killed afterwards by someone else who had custody of him.
D. SGT covered the other van and pair of suspects that were detained. This was from a raw audio exchange between police as the shooting was happening. “This is the first responder police radio recording first posted by the Houston Chronicle, then by the NY Post. At 44 seconds, the police relay a teacher’s report that she saw ‘two shadows running past the gym.’ (Now keep in mind that according to the ‘official’ story the ‘lone’ shooter has killed himself.) At 55 seconds, the police officer reports a van coming toward him with two occupants, he then says at 1 minute 30 seconds he has them ‘proned out’ (lying on the ground face down). At approximately 2 minutes, they report the New Jersey plates of the van, and the rental car company registration. These two men are in addition to the ONE man dressed in camo pants who the police arrested in the woods near the school. That makes THREE men in addition to the Adam Lanza.”
2. Weapons used claim: Initial reports by police said that the shooter was found dead with two 9mm semi-auto pistols (a Glock and a Sig Sauer) and that the floor was “littered with 9mm shell casings.” The police told media that besides the two guns, they found an AR-15 .223 Bushmaster assault rifle in his car that was registered with his mother. Then after the first day, the story changes to the assault rifle being used in the school and the floor being “littered with .223 shell casings.”
How convenient when the easiest thing to get out of this tragedy is an assault weapon ban. In order to do that, the guilty weapon has to be a semi-auto rifle. When you have this kind of dramatic change in story, it’s almost impossible to get police to retract the current and latest version, which fits the agenda.
To muddy the water further, Huffington Post now claim that “the rifle was found next to Adam Lanza’s body” — AND that “three other guns have also been recovered, but it was not clear where they were found, an official told AP. They were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun”. These were not mentioned before in what police found inside Lanza’s vehicle and it’s doubtful he could carry all these long rifles with him as he broke through the glass to the side of the locked door. That’s a very cumbersome entry with an armful of long rifles!
3. Coroner’s remarks: Dr. H. Wayne Carver said, “All the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting were killed up close by multiple rifle shots.” This may or may not be true depending on the conflicting reports about the weapons used inside the school. Coroner’s have a notorious reputation around the nation for being subject to political pressures to falsify conditions of death in cover-ups. It happened in the JFK assassination. It happened in Los Angeles in the Breitbart “heart attack” case – and in that case, the coroner himself ends up being suicided afterward.
The problem with the coroner’s statement is that with small children, high powered bullets tend to pass right through the body and not stick around for examination, as he claims. If they were rifle rounds, there wouldn’t be hardly any rounds left in the bodies to examine. But, depending on where a person is shot, high velocity rounds they do great damage and the exit hole is much larger than the entrance. This is important because if the shooter was using 9mm pistols, then the Coroner’s report has to match. It does not. It only matches the assault rifle later claims, which may be an indication of collusion to pin the blame on assault rifles, which in this case fire the .223 caliber.
He could have deduced the rifle bullet theory by the damage. The .223 round, about 55-65 grains in weight, does horrendous damage due to its velocity in excess of 3,000 feet per second (fps). The bullet will often tumble and fragment after penetrating about 2.5 inches of flesh. Here’s a military medical description of how velocity matters, especially for a small weight bullet:
“In the surgical world, the accepted threshold for separating high power from low power projectile injuries has been set at 2000 feet per second. That velocity has been chosen because more than that, the hydraulic shock wave creates a temporary stretch cavity [TSC] severe enough to disrupt surrounding tissues significantly [and even break bones by the shock wave] . Below that, and the TSC is not a factor to contend with, surgically speaking… It will not only disrupt the surrounding tissues but this temporary cavitation when it struck elastic tissue such as the lungs and intestines it simply pushes these organs aside causing minimal immediate damage but when solid organs are struck this causes the organs to tear apart or explode such as the liver, spleen heart and kidney.”
4. Missing Evidence: The public is being denied access to the school’s security cameras which would shed light on whether or not Lanza was the only shooter or participant. Deliberate denial of video footage is typical of every other cover-up managed by the federal government—OKC and 9/11 in particular.
While I have already commented on various aspects of this conspiracy, let me describe in a more systematic way this disturbing pattern of using drugged up patsies to commit these acts of horrifying terror.
1) They search out young, unstable males who already have established a pattern of anti-social behavior and put them on psychotropic drugs to alter their mood or mental state.
2) At some point they are assigned one or more handlers who in a variety of ways plant the idea of a dark plot in the target’s mind to kill innocent people with guns. There is no other motive other than to kill a large number of people, which is very strange—and doesn’t happen in any other normal criminal settings. It doesn’t even happen with the mentally ill, unless also programmed to kill.
3) It almost always wear a mask or hoody and end up committing suicide. Why care about who sees you if you are intending to kill yourself? The Batman movie shooter, James Holmes was an exception to this—he didn’t commit suicide—but strangely, he’s not being allowed to come out of his drugged state. He is being kept incommunicado by the government who has a doctor visiting the jail to keep him on mood altering drugs–perhaps to ensure he maintains his programming. Early on, however, he apparently had a moment of coherency when he admitted things to his cellmate. According to an interview with Alex Jones, “An alleged inmate of ‘Batman’ massacre culprit James Holmes claims the shooter told him that he was ‘programmed’ to carry out the massacre by an ‘evil’ therapist [working for the dark side of government].”
4) Lastly, there is always the inevitable cover-up of the presence of multiple participants,by police and media, converting the story to a “lone gunman” tale.
That’s the pattern and it almost never varies. The three keys to this pattern that are particularly unique are 1) no motive other than to kill —which only occurs in these terror massacres; 2) the use of mood altering drugs; and 3) suicide to end it all. These are not present in attacks with criminal motives but 1 and 3 do show up in anti-US jihadist suicide bombers but these are always motivated by a larger cause or agenda. In our domestic cases, the larger motive is being provided by the black ops handlers (gun control), and the patsy probably is never told what that is.
These tactics worked surprisingly fast to strip the British of their gun rights. It only took one such incident in the aforementioned Dunblane, Scotland school to do it. A pedophile active in scouting and boys clubs murdered 16 children and their teacher in a local school. In America, where gun rights are enshrined in the Constitution, it is taking many more such incidents to drive the agenda, and they won’t stop until all guns are banned.
As one British blogger lamented, “Newtown is the U.S.A.’s Dunblane, which was orchestrated in
Scotland in 1996 by the British establishment, to whip up hysteria in order to ban all handguns from the U.K. It was preceded by the Hungerford Massacre in England in 1987, which was carried out by mind-controlled Michael Ryan, who then shot himself so he could not be questioned, and it was used to ban semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.”
There are several other elements to this pattern that are worthy of note:
1. The frequency of attack on innocent people is increasing, showing increased desperation by the dark side of government to drive the gun ban agenda.
2. The targeted areas are always relatively gun free zones: schools, shopping malls and movie theaters.
3. While shopping malls and schools have always been the target of choice, to get the necessary shock effect on people, the age of the target victims has now been going down to the incomprehensible age of early elementary children.
The horrific results are always followed up by a coverup of the facts surrounding the presence of the target’s handlers. That’s part of the reason why this has to be a black operation —only government agents have the persuasive power to threaten honest police officers with their jobs or lives in order to suppress the evidence which would suggest a conspiracy. Only government has the power to uniformly stop the media from reporting, or worse, by burying the reports even after reported, as happens in every recent case.
The Newtown massacre has overshadowed the events of the previous week at the Clackamas town Center Mall near Portland Oregon. While there is no evidence of more than one shooter, it is highly likely that other handlers were around in the crowds observing, ready to act. Interestingly enough, at the Town Center Mall, there was a concealed weapons holder present, 22 year old Nick Meli, who could have engaged Roberts, but he hesitated until too late. Too bad. It would have been a great story about how concealed weapons can stop this kind of thing.
Jacob Roberts, the Oregon shooter, had stolen the AR-15 rifle from a friend, and had indicated that he “needed a gun” and was planning on leaving for Hawaii. He was identified by a relative by a tattoo on his body. Roberts was clearly calculating in his moves, not freaking out–which belies claims that all these guys are just “mentally ill.”
Notice another pattern here. All of these attackers in recent events have had typical signs of weird behavior—special tattoos, male earrings, or orange dyed hair, and mood altering drugs.
Mental Illness being blamed: There are a lot of pundits trying to blame this action on various forms of mental illness. Several articles claim Lanza had a rare form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome. The mother’s sister recounts how Lanza’s mother had despaired about the deteriorating behavior of her son. But these are grey areas that also describe a lot of modern day teens who get tattoos, have multiple piercings and who get involved in dark, morbid activities like video games. Yes, I do think violent video games make youth more calloused to killing, but the real link comes when youth start drifting into evil worship and skirt the edges of the occult.
Articles have appeared pushing for more forced incarceration to protect the public. That’s also bad for liberty.
Dr. Richard Friedman, writing in the NY Times discounted the mental illness violence claims: “There is overwhelming epidemiological evidence that the vast majority of people with psychiatric disorders do not commit violent acts. Only about 4 percent of violence in the United States can be attributed to people with mental illness [and that can be cut in half because of the high incidence of criminals claiming to be mentally ill when they are not]. This does not mean that mental illness is not a risk factor for violence. It is, but the risk is actually small. Only certain serious psychiatric illnesses are linked to an increased risk of violence.
“One of the largest studies, the National Institute of Mental Health’s Epidemiologic Catchment Area study, which followed nearly 18,000 subjects, found that the lifetime prevalence of violence among people with serious mental illness — like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder — was 16 percent, compared with 7 percent among people without any mental disorder. Anxiety disorders, in contrast, do not seem to increase the risk at all [unless being manipulated under the effects of mood altering drugs]. Alcohol and drug abuse are far more likely to result in violent behavior than mental illness by itself.” True.
Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute makes the case that psychotropic drugs are far more dangerous than guns: “12 years ago, I asked a very pointed question in a press release sent to the National Wire Service immediately following the killings at Columbine High School. A few days after the Virginia Tech Massacre, I again asked the same very direct question. And today, after the Newton Connecticut massacre, I am once again asking the very same pointed question…
“I am asking, ‘How many times must we experience another Littleton, Colorado or Virginia Tech or Newtown Connecticut before we wake up, study the research and adopt policies which actually reduce crime and begin saving our children instead of leaving them helpless victims when the next psych drug user snaps?’
“After Columbine, while most journalists and lawmakers focused on whether or not my answer to protecting children by arming teachers was the right solution, it seems everyone missed my understanding of the root cause that drove these kids to commit such atrocities! The root cause was and continues to be the psych drugs that are being pushed on our children! In some cases children as young as kindergarten age!”
Mood altering drugs are also the number one cause of suicide today. More accurately, the suicidal tendencies of patients rises dramatically during the time they are weaning themselves off mood altering drugs.
As much as I am against the use of these drugs, I don’t believe there is a direct causal relationship between drugs and killing or suicide. That’s why it only happens to a few who take the drugs. Let me explain what I have discovered after dealing with several youth who have been put on these drugs.
I once had the opportunity to counsel a friend’s teenage daughter who was having real problems in school—drugs, morals and a bad attitude at home. As many of my readers know, I’m a big believer in listening to conscience as the key to teaching kids to be self-controlled rather than parent controlled and to teach them to make good decisions based on the input from conscience.
This involves implementing two core rules of conduct which every successful persons uses, even if not conscious of it:
1. Never do anything you feel nervous about, as to the correctness. (These are the warning signals that what you are about to do is wrong, or not quite right. It forces you to reevaluate and change course).
2. Always force yourself to do what you know you should do, especially when you don’t feel like it. (This is the key to overcoming apathy and depression. This is the key to listening to the prompting we all get to move forward in a positive direction, and these promptings are a direct counter to the Satanic depression that plagues so many who get into lazy habits).
The girl tried this for a while and told me she hated the voice of conscience. My talk with her had awakened her ability to hear it, but she didn’t want to do what was right, so she hated the voice. That’s a dangerous thing, because it is an open invitation to listen to the evil voice of Satan who is constantly looking for opportunities to influence us and take us down the wrong path. Clearly she now disliked me as the source of that uncomfortable counsel, so I discontinued trying to help.
About a year later, I was over at my friend’s house and she came home while I was there. She seemed fairly normal, and no longer bothered by things. I asked her what made the change, and she proudly said, “My meds.” She had left home in her rebellious state and had eventually gone to a counselor who put her on mood altering drugs. Success? Not really.
She further explained that she hadn’t really changed her ways, but that while on the meds, she could no longer hear that “awful” voice of conscience nagging at her—thus her “improved” state of mind. This was extremely significant to me. What she was revealing was evidence that these drugs, quite unknowingly, suppress that portion of the brain that receives spiritual signals.
Apparently both God and Satan whisper ideas to that center of the mind, but those ideas appear in our own vocabulary and grammar, so it appears as if we are talking to ourselves, or thinking on our own. Neither voice controls us, but we decide on what to listen to and act upon.
With a little attention to detail, we learn to distinguish the good from the bad and recognize when ideas suddenly pop into our mind out of nowhere to help or hinder us. Everyone has felt those little reminders to remember something we forgot to do, or have been tempted with small rationalizations which are the sign that Satan is whispering and countering the good promptings.
If these drugs suppress this receptor, this would explain why people don’t get suicidal while on the meds, but only as they are withdrawing. Most likely Satan is the first to swarm the mind with depressive thoughts. I’ve never met anyone who is about to commit suicide that doesn’t have Satanic depression controlling his or her mind—constantly driving him to kill himself.
One of Adam Lanza’s former friends admitted that Lanza was involved in devil worship. An earlier facebook page also listed his political affiliation as “anarchist, communism.” Lanza was clearly going done a dark path and setting himself up for becoming controlled.
As an aside, this is one of the reasons why I’ve always felt nervous about hypnosis. You are requested to “let go” and allow yourself to drift mentally. In such a passive state, it is easy for partial possession by darker spiritual forces to take place and implant ideas that affect you later.
Let me summarize the government’s attempt at mind control technology. We don’t claim to know everything about it, because it is still a closely guarded secret. In the MK Ultra tests, the government experimented on a lot of subjects (without permission of the subjects) to see what it would take to do mind control. They used a lot of experiment drugs like LSD.
By and large, it had only limited success, and then only with subjects who were fairly weak in personality and character. Nerdy type people were particularly susceptible, especially when subjected to hypnosis, drug therapy and physical or sexual abuse to break them down and make them dependent on their handlers for “safety.”
Both the CIA and the Russians developed a lot of mind control drugs that were amazingly powerful on certain types of people—nothing that could directly control thoughts, but they could induce power emotions of fear, guilt, sexual drive, or anger. Some types could never be successfully controlled, so the government would concentrate on selecting susceptible types.
Those types corresponded to people who have weak resistance to social peer pressure—and being socially backward like Adam Lanza was doesn’t mean he wasn’t still longing to be accepted. Typically, these types all have non standard hair cuts, do drugs, and have multiple tattoos or piercings because the are seeking for the approval of those that also do these things. All of the recent school or mall shooters show these kinds of signs. It’s not an absolute determinant, but rather a common precursor that indicates susceptibility to Satanic influence and mind control if they get noticed and are targeted by black operations.
In addition, the government has spent millions on researching the dark spiritual spectrum, and actively solicited knowledge through diviners, devil worshipers and witches. They gave this research a fancy name: Remote viewing, which Major Rich Dames became famous for—but it was nothing more than the old séance and necromancy of old. Don’t be fooled because some of these Remote Viewings come true. Satan has access to future events too, but putting out a few predictions that come true doesn’t mean the source is true. The selective truth part is the hook to get people dependent on the evil source, which will eventually lead them astray.
My personal belief is that Satan is as real as God, and he has an active part in the mind control being performed by the dark side of government—at least the part that goes beyond normal science. So, while all of these shooters have dark side government handlers, they also have Satan talking to their minds, driving them on to kill and then to commit suicide.
God permits all this because of His testing purposes on earth. That’s also why justice and judgement is temporarily denied or delayed. Someday there will be a cleansing of this kind of evil, but before that time comes, we need to be alert and defend ourselves and teach our children to recognize how systematic evil works in the world. I hope this discussion has been helpful to you.
As you have all seen, the media and liberal politicians are capitalizing on this massacre to push the gun ban agenda for all it’s worth. Every day, the news is flooded with those decrying guns as the source of this tragedy. Obama has now vowed to enact some form of gun ban, even if by executive order that would make all assault weapons fall under Class III weapons restrictions – weapons requiring an ATF permit and fee, like automatic weapons. The government has no obligation to respond favorably to any application for a Class III license.
The AP showcased an “Opinionline” entitled, “Is Sandy Hook the tipping point?” Note the joy in savoring the prospect that “we’ve finally got an issue that will turn the tide against guns.” They’ve been waiting for years since Columbine (one of the biggest of the false flag attempts) to launch another campaign against guns and it’s worse than anything I’ve seen before.
Weak kneed citizens are anxious to avoid being tainted by the new guns-as-evil mantra. “Moderate” newspapers and online Want Ad companies have suddenly stopped allowing guns to be advertized or sold online. Insipid people are voluntarily turning in their weapons in a show of solidarity with the victims—as if that was going to help. How stupid can people be? Very stupid as we are finding out.
After airing the liberals out for gun control, the AP, to their credit, did allow a few sane voices: Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine: “Few good policies come from rapid responses to deeply felt injuries. Many of the same people who are now calling for immediate action with regard to gun control recognize that The Patriot Act, rushed through Congress in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, was a terrible piece of legislation that ultimately did nothing to protect Americans even as it vastly expanded the state’s ability to surveil law abiding citizens. There’s no reason to think that federal, state, or local gun control laws promulgated now would result in anything different.”
The government machine is working on who they can turn. Reuters reviewed a few: “A pro-gun Democratic senator who is a lifetime member of the firearms lobby has backed the introduction of new controls on guns and ammunition in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting. Joe Manchin, from West Virginia, who has an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association, marking him out as a strong defender in Congress of gun rights, told MSNBC that it was time to move ‘beyond the rhetoric’ on the issue of guns.”
Although Republicans are strong supporters of the NRA, many Democrats have also opposed the introduction of firearms restrictions. Former pro-gun Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida has now turned on the movement and become a champion of gun control. He has his sights set on the White House.
Senator Diane Feinstein, the author of the ‘assault weapon ban’ (AWB) which went into effect in 1994 and expired in 2004, announced that her office has been writing the new AWB for a year, and she would be introducing it the first day of the new session of Congress [somebody knew the dark side of government would be providing the crisis which would open the door for this legislation]. I guess she was waiting until there was enough blood for her to stand in before making her announcement.”
Even the Chinese are relishing the thought of US citizens being disarmed. Here’s Joseph Paul Watson of “The Communist Chinese government, via its state-run media front Xinhua, has called for Americans to be disarmed, arguing that the Sandy Hook school massacre demands ‘no delay for U.S. gun control.’”
The best debate on television occurred between Leftist Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt of my favorite gun lobby, Gun Owners of America. Morgan kept trying to say America has the most guns per capita and the highest murder rate in the world—therefore guns must be the problem. Pratt countered with the fact that this is only because the crime rate is so high in large urban areas where guns are not allowed—proof that gun control doesn’t stop criminals from getting guns—it only stops citizens from defending themselves.
While Pratt didn’t bring this up, it is estimated that guns are used to defend people hundreds of times per day. In areas where concealed carry is easy to obtain, the murder rates are much lower than in Europe. Morgan got angry and flustered and could only resort to name calling. He kept interrupting Pratt so that he couldn’t answer, and then accused him of not answering his arguments, or laughing too much. In fact, Pratt pointed out the Morgan had no arguments, but was just presenting opinion without basis. The interview is worth seeing:
Larry correctly posits that we will never be able to prevent all attacks on schools, so we must do as the Israelis do and make sure some teachers are trained and armed with concealed weapons. They have proven that this works against the most dedicated terrorists in the world.
This is much more effective than putting a guard in a school. A dedicated attacker would simply await the opportunity to ambush the guard, and once out of the way, he could attack with impunity. In contrast, with multiple concealed weapons holders in the school, the attacker would never know where the threat is. That’s a much better deterrent.
One Bogus Conspiracy Claim: According to his LinkedIn page, Adam’s father, Peter Lanza is the tax director and vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services in the New York City area. The father of James Holmes, the Batman movie killer was Robert Holmes who worked for FICO—a credit rating agency. So far, so good—all this is true.
Ever since the Batman shooting someone started a rumor on the internet that Robert Holmes was scheduled to testify before the Senate investigating committee on the Libor scandal. Supposedly, setting up the son for a fall deterred his father from testifying and blowing the scandal wide open.
Now the same source claims that Peter Lanza was also scheduled to testify before the Senate on the Libor scandal, but now he can’t because his son’s actions have discredited him. This is bogus. I can find absolutely zero confirmation that these two were either considered for testifying or were scheduled to testify. Someone just made that part up. Neither father has any connection to or knowledge of the Libor insider fixing of the rates.
Besides, plenty of information is already available about the Libor scandal. The only thing being covered up in the Libor scandal is the how high the control went. Only a couple of mid level guys got scapegoated over this. The big boys always have immunity. It’s doubtful that even if the two fathers were to testify that it would have changed anything.
A Prepper Conspiracy? I’m surprised that the media didn’t make more of this once it came out that Adam’s mother was preparing for economic collapse: CBS Senior Correspondent John Miller sets us up for the punch line: “It’s about the process. She had to go to an awful lot of trouble to get these guns. CT has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. That meant going down to the state police, filling out the forms, getting finger printed, and then waiting to hear back that she was approved for a handgun permit. Then it meant going down to the store and getting an FBI background check, waiting for another period and picking those weapons up. So it’s not one of those things where you just show up with your driver’s license and make a purchase. She made an affirmative effort to get these weapons and as we learned from the landscaper, enjoyed shooting.” Ready? Here is John Miller’s punch line: “We spoke to another relative who also said she was worried about the defense of her home if there was a collapse of the economy.”
While I’m a leader in the preparedness movement, I don’t subscribe to the hype about imminent collapse of the economy. Sure, without being propped up by the FED, it would collapse, but people who make these claims don’t understand about the power behind this conspiracy—and how the FED can keep inflating at around the 10% level without collapsing the economy or creating hyperinflation. In other words, they can keep this charade going a lot longer—until war comes and gives them cover for the unraveling of the world monetary ponzi scheme. Yes, do prepare, but remember you still have time to do it without panicking.
Some other interesting coincidences or possible conspiracies: In the rather disgusting book, The Hunger Games, the author plots the ritual sacrifice of 23 children. There are twelve districts, two children from each district and they fight in pairs and kill each other until one winner is left. 23 children are killed. Author Suzanne Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with her husband and their two children. Coincidence. Probably, but authors who deal in the dark side of Luciferian thought are getting a lot of evil inspiration from the other side. writes that “Director Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman release The Dark Knight Rises, bizarrely featured a mention of the words ‘Sandy Hook’ [on his target map] (at approximately 1:58)… We looked at different maps of Batman’s fictional home town Gotham City and compared them with each of the films. In the latest film, the southern section of Gotham is without a doubt called ‘Sandy Hook,’ however, according to our research, this section was renamed somewhere between the first film and the last. Take a look at the map in this still frame found in the first Batman movie, ‘Batman Begins,’ taken around 14:41: Although blurry, the colors match up with the map below, in which the southern section in question is called, ‘South Hinkley,’ not ‘Sandy Hook’… John W. Hinckley was the gunman that attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981”
Coincidence? Probably, but what follows might be worth watching: One of my subscribers pointed out that the next target on Batman’s map is Fort Clinton, which just happens to be next to West Point. What better way to charge up a renewed military fervor in favor of neocon wars of occupation than to have an enemy target the US Army Military Academy at West Point?
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[9-minute video] Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Cover-Up
Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a SECOND SHOOTER — Shouldn’t we all seek to get to the bottom of WHY these shootings all seem to fit a COMMON PATTERN of multiple mind-controlled shooters followed by an almost immediate media cover-up of the facts?
Sandy Hook Elementary: 3 Shooters (A CLOSE LOOK) — These aren’t just some ‘lone nut-men’
[5-minute video] Suzanne Gratia-Hupp on the 2nd Amendment — We need more women (and men) like this. Aren’t we supposed to be “the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE?”
[media bias exposed video] Reverse-Christian Piers Morgan Blows Up on Larry Pratt Over Gun Rights – 12/18/12
In China, school mass murderers use knives, not guns
[10-minute video] Dr. Nick Begich: The Technologies of Mind Control — MK-Ultra Continues — Mass Shootings etc.
[10-minute video] Mike Adams (The Health Ranger): Do Guns Kill People?
An Inmate Claims that ‘Batman Shooter’ James Holmes Confessed that he was “Programmed to Kill” by an “Evil Therapist”
Congressman Ron Paul Introduced Legislation in 2011 to Protect School Children from Mass Murderers
Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of ‘violence’ to defend innocents against bullying, oppression
Creepy Illuminati Message in Batman Movie Hints at Sandy Hook School — In this movie scene (1:58 into the movie) from Dark Knight Rises, “Sandy Hook” is about the only legible text on the whole map (look left of the walkie talkie in the screenshot above), and a guy puts his fingers on it
Fritz Springmeier: The Mass Shootings are Created Events — “The new Batman movie that came out BEFORE the shootings had in the background Aurora and Sandy Hook, the proof that the elite is creating these shootings”
Will Obama Cry For Children He Has Killed With Drones?
[6-minute video] Amish Grace — Bill Moyers showcases the book that describes the extraordinary grace of the families of the Amish school shooting victims. They forgave the shooter, comforted his family and attended his funeral because of their deep faith and the grace it gives them.