(video) Holodomor Ukraine 1933: The Real Holocaust — 10 Million Murdered by Jewish Bolshevists! — History knows of knows of no other crime of such nature and magnitude!

THIS VIDEO is among the heaviest I’ve ever seen. The first few minutes — PEOPLE THIS EVIL!!


Same footage with a hideous soundtrack [I can’t find the exact YouTube version of the  one above]

Holodomor – Mass Murder by Hunger


Uploaded on Dec 15, 2011

This video depicts the horrors of the Ukrainian Famine of the 1930’s that was deliberately orchestrated by Joseph Stalin in order to eliminate a vast majority of peasants and help bolster the industrialization of the USSR. The peasants were given a quota for food production that far exceeded what their land could possibly yield and under Stalin’s orders members of the NKVD broke into people’s homes and stole all their food to redistribute it to the people in the cities. Stalin made it illegal, with a punishment of either immediate execution or 10 years of hard labor, for anyone to steal (or possess) so much as a blade of grain, or to have their farming equipment break, or try and leave their villages in search of food. This is one of the worse cases of genocide and famine in recent history. Approximately 10 million Ukrainians died from starvation … despite devolving into cannibalism. This is for the memory and for the honor of all who suffered and perished.

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