Abortion is a Jewish Value, Rabbi Simons, 5/13/22 — “Reform, Conservative, Reconstruction, Orthodox Judaism all conclude abortion must remain legal”

Being Anti-Abortion is being Antisemitic — According to Jewish law, a fetus is not considered a living being until it comes out of a woman’s uterus. By not allowing Jewish women to have abortions, you are violating her civil rights to practice her faith

Scott Kendall says here: “the Jewish faith at times actually encourages abortion up until the moment when the child takes his or her first breath.” This is because modern day Judaism considers the Talmud as higher than the Old Testament, as did the Pharisees who persecuted Jesus. And when they site the Torah as their source, that includes the Talmud, which they revere as higher than the first five books of the Bible.

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Kendall Democrat Doctrine is religion: Alaska’s legal analyst on Left says abortion is a First Amendment right

By Suzanne Downing – May 4, 2022

As the Biden Administration looks for ways to increase abortion availability in the likely event of the Supreme Court reversing federal protections of Roe v. Wade, one of Alaska’s most politically left-leaning lawyers says that abortion is a free speech right, protected by the U.S. Constitution.

The bloody process of eliminating a child from the womb is an interpretation never before tried in the history of free speech and opens the door to other novel interpretations of speech.

Under the reasoning of lawyer Scott Kendall, who authored the flawed Ballot Measure 2, was Gov. Bill Walker’s chief of staff and apologist, and was legal counsel to the campaigns of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the Jewish faith at times actually encourages abortion up until the moment when the child takes his or her first breath.

Kendall claims that, as such a tenet of faith, abortion is protected because his faith is protected by the First Amendment.

Kendall posted his hot legal take on Twitter, with documentation to back it up. According to Kendall, “Abortion isn’t prohibited by my faith — in fact abortion is supported, and even encouraged, when health of a woman (including mental health) is at risk. Allowing laws that favor some religious groups’ beliefs over those of others violates our 1st Amendment rights to Free Exercise.”

Kendall cites an advocacy paper from National Council of Jewish Women that says life does not begin at conception, and that the soul does not enter the body until the first breath of oxygen reaches the lungs of a baby at birth, according to the Torah.

Kendall’s authoritative source says Jewish law does not consider a fetus to be alive and further, if violence is done to a woman who is pregnant, and she miscarries as a result, the perpetrator only has to pay a fine, for the miscarriage, and is punished only for whatever harm is done to the mother herself. That’s because the baby in the womb is not considered human.

Kendall’s sources say that abortion is even required by Jewish faith if the mother’s psychological health is not well. NCJW advocates for abortion access as an essential component of comprehensive affordable, confidential, and equitable family planning, reproductive, sexual health, and maternal health services and says that a fetus is not considered a person.