24:00 “A black individual would need to be in a sun tanning bed probably more than ten times longer to make the same amount of vitamin D.”

26:00 Aging: “A 70-year-old will make about 25-30% of vitamin D that a 20-year-old will make.”

28:00 Toxicity: Canadian study showed taking 20,000 iu/day no toxicity and 60-80 ng/ml: “We did a study with a group up in Canada, and showed that taking up to 20,000 units a day, blood levels with 60-80 ng/ml; there was no toxicity.”
100,000 iu/day for extended periods can cause toxicity.

Holick takes 6,000 iu/day year-round with 70-80 ng/ml.
Says to keep taking D in summer.

34 Breast milk has “no” vitamin D unless mother has enough D, about 6,000 iu/day.

C-section reduced with enough D.

38 2,000 iu for infants shows less type 1 diabetes

39 Immune system improvement, cancer, DNA repair effecting gene expression:
600 iu/day = 150 genes affected
4,000 iu/day = 300 genes
10,000 iu/day = 1,200 genes

Most can’t get enough D from sun in summer — unless life guard.

44 [This amount seems to low compared to what he says in the rest of the video] 3300 iu reached 80 ng/ml — 50,000 iu every two weeks after attaining sufficiency

Those who need more: obese, pregnant, anti-AIDs meds, seizure meds, steroids, sarcoidosis

Sunshine also gives nitric oxide, beta endorphins, ACTH, CO (said earlier)

Altitude in November in Agra India: Taj Mahal, no D; at 5,000 meters, lots

“In my opinion, there should be no reason not to get some sensible sun exposure for overall health and well being.” “…minimal risk, and a lot of upside to improving health and well being.”

51:20 Chart: Avoiding sun exposure INCREASES mortality

How Sensible Sun Exposure Benefits Your Health – Interview with Dr. Michael Holick

May 27, 2022