Alex talks with businessman, author and documentary film maker George Humphrey.

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske


If we see this thing with clear eyes and a full heart, then we can have some love in our hearts and realize that we don’t have to go to this materialistic gulag that is being prepared for us.”

[youtube=]Mostly internationally owned ‘Federal’ Reserve Bank
Fractional Reserve Banking Explained

Money from thin air—that we have to pay back with earned money

“The multiplication factors used to be much smaller. It was still wrong then, but then they upped it and upped and upped it and upped it. And now, for every dollar that comes into a private bank, they can multiply (if they do their work properly) by 72 times.”

“The fiat system is a system of theft, and it’s been around for a long, long time. And that’s why in the Bible is that there are 17 references against usury.”


“How can somebody like Barak Obama, who seems to have such kind eyes, be part of this?”


“There are clearly these souls out there that have what I consider to be a vampire consciousness. They believe that the only way that they are going to survive is by sucking the blood or the nutrition or the life-force from others.”

“It’s not just about money. It’s about power. … They can only take our power is if we give it to them.”

“For them, human life has no value.”

“The people of this nation are far, far more controlled subconsciously than they have any idea about. … The people of this country don’t even realize how enslaved they are.”


“Obama is a perfect Trojan horse for these people.”

[youtube=]Cognitive Dissonance

When I first became aware of the New World Order, I became physically ill. It was that big of a shock to my system. And as Winston Churchill said, ~”almost every man at some time in their life is knocked down by the truth. 99% of them get up, dust themselves off, and walk away like nothing has happened. 1% will really figure out what’s going and do something about it.'”


Excellent Speaker, George Humphrey: CREATE COMMUNITY — We’re at the end game. QUIT PLAYING their game. Go out there and SURF the Tsunami. LOVE your brothers and sisters and keep JOY in your heart!

George Humphrey: For all of my liberal friends who still listen to NPR: Wake Up! This is the Matrix — “I was reading the New York Times. And I just let myself read it without my own point of view, and I realized how incredibly seductive and believable their point is.”

“The Obama Deception”: A Film by Alex Jones (High Quality)