This article is packed: The Significance of Syria In the Bible History and Civilizations
And the most reliable Greek texts of the New Testament are from Syria, while most are reading Murdoch’s NIV, based upon the intentionally altered Egyptian texts.
All of these wars are reverse-Christian, part of Satan’s plan to bring about the one-world government.
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The globalist’s [she mentions Brezinski, Obama’s advisor as a key player] goal is to “annihilate the existence nation states.”

“The right thing to do would be to stop funding terrorism, and to allow the country to rebuild, and for the refugees to be able to return home.”

“..the insidious plot to genocide Christians in the middle east. … This is part of that plan to remove the history of the middle east, which is the birthplace of Christianity.”

“Really, the right thing to do is stop the wars.”

“The solution isn’t talked about, and that is because they don’t want a solution. They want to take people away from their homeland and mix up all the nations so they can have their one-world order.”

– Mimi Al Laham aka ‘Syrian Girl’

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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