Dr. Buttar: Facemasks decrease oxygen, increasing stress & cortisol; lowering the immune system

What Dr. Buttar said in a different interview, 4/27/20 with London Real about wearing face masks (transcript | video):

1.56.34 The face masks …. This info is critical. Common sense. No one thinks. Surgeons wear facemasks when we operate. When we are in high susceptible areas … do we think something is going to jump up and go into us? No it prevents exposure. So the wound doesn’t get cough, sneeze, or drool. The gowns are sterile. Far east people don’t wear masks to prevent catching something. They are doing it so they don’t give something to someone else. Facemask facemask facemask….

1.57.37 Facemasks reduce your oxygen intake. This decreases your immune system. Which increases physiological stress. What happens when you’re stressed? If you look at Steiner’s virus theory … viruses live inside our systems. We are a viral system. We can’t evolve without viruses. During periods of stress and toxicity, you have a release of viruses. Exosomes and viruses are identical. Refer to Dr Kaufman.

1.58.35 If your body is stressed you’ll release more viruses. Your body is stressed more cortisol … you’re more open to opportunistic viruses. One thing you should be doing if you are worried about covid … TAKE OFF THE MASK AND GO OUTSIDE! The sun is important. It’s necessary. If we stress our bodies, what do you think will happen? Immune system goes down and then you’re more susceptible.

1.59.19 Someone in a car was in an accident because they passed out from wearing a facemask! This type of misinformation and depowering the public.. IF YOU HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT COVID 19 THAT TAKES YOUR POWER AWAY IT IS BULLSHIT!

2:45 Why people should not wear face masks

[URGENT] “Within The NEXT Few Weeks” Dr. Rashid Buttar

Apr 30, 2020

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