Dr. Simone Gold: How do we know what’s true? Think critically. Go to a source you trust or become an expert on it yourself. Just because a guy with a bunch of degrees says something…

How do we know what’s true?

At 42:10 “One of the things that has really gone wrong…: Do not forget that you have the capacity to think. … Just because a guy with a bunch of degrees is saying something, he may or may not be correct. And you cannot throw away your own ability to think critically about a subject. I’m very frustrated. It’s not that lay people don’t know enough. There were many physicians who got on the bandwagon saying a safe, generic isn’t safe. How did they get that? It’s not a knowledge thing. It’s an acceptance that somebody’s smarter than me, brighter than me, more credentialed than me. Don’t do it. Think critically for yourself, and then either go to a source that you absolutely trust, or become an expert on it yourself.”

Unknown infertility risk

80 times reported death rate compared to flu vaccines according to what’s been reported at the time of the interview, 2/10/2021

Antibody dependent enhancement can create an overreaction when encountering the virus in the future, “2 and 5 years from now,” the dreaded cytokine storm — the reason why the SARS Covid vaccines failed.

39:00 The rigged Borba Hydroxychloroquine study published in JAMA in April that was never retracted. They gave the older, sicker group 2.5 times the *lethal* dose of HCQ!

98% of the medical journals’ advertisement comes from pharmaceuticals.

40:50 Video where the former French health minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy says the head of the Lancet and head of the NEJM admitted they have to do what the pharmaceutical companies say.

44:30 She was at the capitol as an invited speaker. The SWAT team’s raid on her!

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#MalkinLive: Stop Medical Discrimination

Streamed live on Feb 10, 2021

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