Dr. Anne Zink Lies to Alaska! Vaxxing Children Completely Safe – “no signs of serious side effects” — No mention: deaths from myocarditis, etc.?

David Boyle on The Dan Fagan Show today:

“The DHSS website on Covid [state of Alaska] has nothing regarding prevention from Covid” — nothing on “vitamin D.”

“It’s not even available on their website regarding the serious risk and the preventative care such as the vitamins.”

Zink setting up Alaska for lawsuits from parents of vaccine injured?

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From: Anchorage Daily News

Alaska coronavirus Q&A: Answering parents’ questions about vaccinating children

Annie Berman
November 7, 2021

“We know that children are lower risk; they are not no-risk,” said Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer, during a call with the public and members of the media this week. She said she recommended that parents speak to their providers about getting their young children vaccinated, calling it a safe and effective choice.

What are the possible side effects kids might experience?

While there have been no signs of serious side effects for children — and non-serious side effects have been generally milder for children than adults — a small amount of pain at the injection site children is the most common side effect, Zink said. Fatigue, headache and muscle aches were also common side effects that went away within a day or two.

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