Freedom from Alaska!

Michael Franti: Power to the Peaceful Festival at Golden Gate Park

I would love to see something like the Power to the Peaceful Festival happen even in Alaska. We need to stand up for what is right before it’s too late.

Headliner, Michael Franti said this about the event in the Power to the Peaceful Festival 2005 DVD, which is held annually on the 9/11 weekend in San Francisco:

“We want this day and the remembrance of those lives lost on September 11 not to be a call for vengeance, but to be a call for peace, and to be a call for social justice.”

See the trailer.

This is last year’s poster of the event. This year it will be held on the 6th:

Blessed are the Peacemakers, y’all!


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  1. jean

    does anyone know what time Michael Frante will be on stage?

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